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LED Video Walls Systems for Control and Command Centers

  The large-screen system in command and control center can easily provide direct information display for dispatchers, but it is also controversial because of the high energy consumption and maintenance cost.

  FINE PIXEL LED in the years to design and install a large led screen system and the use of the actual situation, to explore the command and control center of the use of large-screen system what is easy to issue?

  Controversies and contradictions in the design of large-screen system

  With the rapid growth of social information, the visual demand for information is also expanding rapidly, while the realization of high-end visualization is becoming more and more difficult, especially in some government auditorium, monitoring Center, command center, dispatching center and other important places, large-screen mosaic system has become an indispensable core of information visualization system. Although the large-screen system shows rich content and intuitive effect, there are still many disputes in the course of using.

  These disputes are mainly caused by the contradiction between the increase of demand and the construction investment and size control.

  1. The conflict between the control center equipment placement, the dispatch station position and the staff actual operation

  The layout design needs to consider the factors such as vertical angle of view, horizontal angle of view and half gain angle of screen, and the design of operation seat is closely related to the view of screen and the function area of screen.

  According to ergonomic (reference: Human Factors New Ergonomic handbook) the layout design of control room needs to observe the following principles:

  Vertical view:

  Monitoring personnel reasonable monitoring range for the visual axis 0°

  Top: 25 degrees

  Below: 35 degree area FINE PIXEL LED will be based on the command and control center tailored ergonomic screen base height, to ensure that the long-term use of monitoring personnel not fatigue, does not affect health. In addition, FINE PIXEL led micro-spacing LED display, in the product advanced, reliability, ease of use, environmental adaptability, manufacturing technology, energy conservation and environmental protection and the cost of using and so on have outstanding performance, with low brightness high ash, high contrast, low pixel runaway rate, brightness adjustment and other advantages, The highest can be used in 5000 meters above sea level, both good display and relatively moderate cost.

  FINE PIXEL Pitch led screen is the first seamless stitching, can be almost unlimited according to the requirements of stitching and no visual sewing, the picture complete and arbitrary segmentation, followed by color, brightness uniformity, applied to the control room advantages obvious.

  The contradiction between the maximum viewing angle of 2 display screen and the overall size of dispatching Hall With the increase of display information, large screen system is also becoming larger and larger, large screen system is too large, in order to facilitate the first row of dispatchers to view, the dispatch table must be placed on the basis of the actual situation, set up a subregional scheduling to attend, which brings, is the scheduling station is too long,

  Both sides attend to the whole screen to see the need to test the visual angle of the large screen ability. FINE PIXEl LED small pitch led display with an ultra wide view, the perfect display of any angle. The larger the view of the screen, located on both sides of the screen and up and down to see the screen image clearer, even, micro-spacing LED display original wide viewing angle technology, with vertical and horizontal two-way ≥170 degree of wide viewing angle, showing a larger coverage area, viewing no dead end, no bias, the image is always perfect seamless.

  3. The contradiction between the integrated display of system information and the scale of large screen system The size of large screen display system in different command and control centers is not the same, which is mainly determined by the display of demand and investment budget. However, regardless of the number of screens, it is impossible to put all the required information on the big screen.

  Therefore, how to choose the more important to operational security, dispatcher more attention to the content, it will be displayed on the limited screen, but also a large screen design needs to resolve a contradiction. FINE PIXEL led not only product quality requirements, but also pay more attention to customer experience value, and continuously provide advanced and reliable, longer service life, more energy saving and environmental protection, more efficient use, higher-order technical standards of products for the country to save a lot of construction funds. In the indoor big screen product development and the design unceasing innovation, the FINE PIXEL led development display and the stitching control whole solution, provides the user with a quick response, the function consummation, the advanced technology centralized monitoring, the information sharing, the commanding dispatch, the analysis decision-making, the emergency command Interactive integrated information display management platform,

  Provide technology-leading complete solutions for information visualization management in various industry areas, and improve the efficiency of command and scheduling decisions.

  4. The contradiction between the display effect and the energy saving requirement FINE PIXEL led as the industry-leading indoor large screen display and mosaic control of the overall solution provider and micro-spacing LED system definition, with 10 years of focus on large-screen display experience, accurate grasp of the market pulse and user needs, and strive to establish the advantages of differentiation, for energy consumption problems,

  Make energy-saving low power become fine PIXEL led micro-spacing LED display a big bright spot!

  Some suggestions on optimization of large-screen system design

  1. Clear the core content of large screen display, control the overall scale

  (1) Control the scale of the dispatcher, effectively reduce the dispatcher's worktable range and save the operating space. (2) To increase the display of comprehensive information.

  such as comprehensive information, other alerts and other content.

  2. Use a variety of means to save energy, improve design life and reduce maintenance costs

  (1) Using efficient switching power supply, lower power consumption FINE PIXEL led micro-spacing led average power consumption in 300w/m2 below, is really ultra-low power consumption, with such a low power consumption also need to ensure normal display work, can not be separated from the key components-switching power supply, micro-spacing LED display using digital PFC (power factor correction) switching power supply , the internal-loaded PFC circuit, through the special IC to adjust the current waveform, the current voltage between the phase difference to improve the power factor, such as fine PIXEL led micro-spacing LED display power factor can reach 97%, greatly improve the conversion efficiency,

  Can work properly under very low energy supply, and because of this fine PIXEL LED small pixel pitch  LED display passed a first-level energy efficiency test.

  (2) Good heat dissipation material and special heat dissipation layout design Micro-spacing LED low-power characteristics In addition to high-performance switching power supply, but also with good thermal design, and the benefits of this is the micro-spacing LED display has a long service life, take FINE PIXEL LED small pitch led display for example,The use of high thermal performance of aluminum materials for CNC die-casting molding process, that is to ensure a beautiful appearance, but also conducive to timely and effective internal heat discharge. Taking the FINE PIXEL LED P1.5 led display As an example, the new generation of full-sealed die-casting aluminum box is designed, the traditional die-casting aluminum box is usually only support after maintenance installation, the FINE PIXEL led New generation full die-casting aluminum box can take care of the former maintenance installation, that is to maintain the traditional, no stitching, excellent smoothness of the characteristics, but also take into account the carrier magnetic suction can be used to maintain, save space, installation and convenient features. At present, large-screen display system has become one of the basic systems of command, control and dispatch, but with the increasing operation demand and the requirement of large-screen system, it is difficult to meet the demand by copying and stacking the control center process design.

  Therefore, in order to provide a real comfortable working environment for dispatchers, it is necessary to actively explore and use new technology and technology while reasonably planning the operation demand, so as to meet the overall process design and facilitate the dispatch personnel to use. FINE PIXEL LED is committed to the coal, electricity, transportation, public security, military and other industries to create excellent video display and transmission solutions, a strong production capacity and professional after-sales service team and all-weather intimate service for customers to provide the absolute protection of good use of products. FINE PIXEL led has a strong quality, price and service competitiveness, we have confidence and sincerely look forward to working with a wide range of industry cooperation, work together to create brilliance!

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