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LED Signs Specification and Calculate Screen Size

  Programmable scrolling message signs widely used in the bank, shop door to play advertising, What is this LED Signs specification? How can I calculate the screen size? Programmable scrolling message signs is generally made with Semi-outdoor LED  board.

  Semi-outdoor LED module common size (mm) :

  P5.0 single color 484*242

  p5.0 Double Color 484*242

  P10 single color 320*160

  P10 Double Color 320*160

  P12.5 single color 400*200

  P16 single color 256*128

  P16 Double Color 256*128
programmable scrolling led signs
  For example:

  If you want to customize a Semi-outdoor LED P10 signle LED sign (320*160), reserve the space to use 3.5 meters x1 meters.

  How do I calculate the actual size of the LED sign?

  1, first calculate the long, high number of unit board (with the whole screen length divided by the length of the panel, take the integer) long: 3.5÷0.32=10.9375≈11 High: 1÷0.16=6.25≈6

  2, the actual length and the high size (with the number of units required to multiply the size of a single unit panel)

  Length: 11x0.32=3.52m High: 6x0.16m=0.96m

  3. Actual LED Screen area: 3.52mx0.96m=3.3792㎡

  Of course, the actual situation, LED display also has a border size, because the border profiles have many kinds of specifications, such as the common 9035, 9045,9035-type border, thickness of 9 cm, width plus 3.5 cm (side); 9045-frame, thickness 9 cm, Width plus 4.5 cm (side)

  Assuming the 9035-type border, the LED display is long and wide as follows:

  Whole screen Length: 3.52m+0.035*2=3.59m

  Full Screen height: 0.96+0.035*2=1.03m So the actual whole screen area: 3.59mx1.03=3.6977㎡
programmable scrolling led signs

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