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LED Signs Guide-LED Chip Price Factor

  LED light bead is a key component of LED Signs, but for the LED lamp bead price, many people do not understand, why the LED light bead price difference is very large? Reiew LED light bead price and its influence factor!
  Factors affecting the price of LED light bead
  1.LED size
  Different sizes of LED prices are different. such as 0603 led and 1210 that 3528 led its price difference is larger, and 1210 and 5050 specifications of the LED price is another step. Don't just pay attention to prices when buying LED light beads.Should be from the following aspects to comprehensive assessment, in order to buy inexpensive LED light beads.
  2.LED Light Bead Chip
  Chip has domestic and Taiwan chip and import chips (including American chips, Japanese chips, German chips, etc.). Unlike chips, prices vary widely. Currently the most expensive is the United States chip, followed by the Japanese chip and Germany chip, the lowest price of the Taiwan chip, cooling performance slightly worse.What is the specific chip? What kind of effect do you want to achieve?
  3.LED Package
  Sub-resin encapsulation and silicone encapsulation. The price of the resin package is cheaper. Everything else is the same.
  Silicone encapsulation of the thermal performance is good, so the price is slightly more expensive than the resin package.
  4.LED Color Consistency
  At present there are many packaging plants. Large and small add up also have thousands of, of course, there is strength of the strengths of the points. There are many small packaging factory because there is no separation of light separations, so either color separations, or the foundry, so for the quality is difficult to guarantee.
  No light separation led color uniformity is poor, installed in the LED light bead lit after the effect is not so good, of course, the price difference is relatively large.
  5.LED Welding Effect
  The Assembly of LED light bead is divided into two kinds, manual welding and machine welding. Manual welding is the use of iron, the most original method of welding. This kind of work way into the product one is ugly appearance (solder point size is inconsistent) the second is the static electricity maintenance measures are not good, many led chips are penetrated, resulting in a micro-light or light when the phenomenon of power. Machine welding is to use reflow soldering, machine welding is not the same. Not only after the welding product appearance is beautiful (solder joint size is consistent, solder point smooth, helpless flux residue, led package intact) and will not appear the chip by electrostatic burn phenomenon. At the same time, led position and direction are relatively beautiful.This can be seen directly from the outward appearance.
  6.FPC Material
  FPC is divided into two kinds of copper and copper deposition. It is cheaper to apply copper, and more expensive calendering. The plate is easy to fall off when bending, and the copper will not be rolled. The specific use of the FPC is to see the promoters themselves according to the environment to make decisions. FPC has no environmental certification, UL certification? LED has no patents. No price is cheap.Certified and patented prices are more expensive.
  7.LED brightness
  Different brightness led prices are different. Common brightness and highlight led price difference is relatively large.Therefore, the purchase must clearly know what kind of brightness you need, so as to accurately locate their products.
  8.LED Color different colors.
  Prices are different. Red, green because of color matching and separation is more difficult, so the price is higher than other colors; red, yellow, blue color separation is easier, and consistency is better, so the price slightly cheaper. Special colors such as purple, brown and so on because of color matching reason, its price is the most expensive.

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