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LED panel VS LCD panel on large screen

  The mainstream display products in the market include LED display screens, LCD screens, etc. They represent the latest technology, and the application of large-screen splicing technology is undoubtedly one of the hottest topics. The following four types of large-screen splicing technologies are the most Representation, do a simple analysis of advantages and disadvantages.

  LCD splicing

  The liquid crystal itself does not emit light, it back light tube to light, so the LCD screen depends on the backlight tube.

  Features: Higher and thinner

  Advantages: high resolution, thin thickness, light weight, long life

  Disadvantages: There is a delay problem, with obvious gaps

LCD panel

  LED panel splicing

  By controlling the display mode of the semiconductor light emitting diodes, texts, pictures, animations, videos, and contents are displayed through the blinking of the red, blue, white, and green LED lights.

  Features: bigger, thinner, more stable

  Advantages: long life, spherical display, durable, suitable for outdoor applications

  Disadvantages: Pixels are sometimes noticeable. The finest LED pitch in the industry is 1mm, which is not easy to miniaturize.

LED panel

  Tips:Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display Panel

  Plasma PDP splicing

  An ion display is a display device that emits light using a gas discharge. This screen uses a plasma tube as a light emitting element.

  Features: thinner

  Advantages: high brightness, short response time

  Projection DLP splicing

  Digital light processing, that is to say, this technology first digitally processes the image signal and then projects the light.

  Features: bigger and taller

  Advantages: seamless stitching, display area, support for spherical display

  Disadvantages: lamp life problems, must have a projection distance

  Summary: The advantages and disadvantages of the above four types of big screens are different. Certainly, they do not mean which screens are not good. They are suitable for use in their respective fields. Among them, LED panel are the key products in the field of large screens, and they are also used in outdoor advertising, s stage events and other fields.

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