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LED Panel Troubleshooting:Repair LED Display Module

  Long-term using LED displays, it is inevitable that there will be fault lights, partial blank screens and other faults. LED display panel manufacturer share five troubleshooting for you.

  1,Problem: single light is not bright

  Phenomenon: fault lights, the image is incomplete and unclear.

  Use a multimeter to check if the LED display module is damaged. If the lamp is broken, change the lamp according to items. Specific measurement: put the multimeter into the resistance X1 file, the black of the pointer multimeter is connected to the positive pole of the LED, the red is connected to the negative pole. If the LED is bright, the measured lamp is OK, if the lights are off, the measured light is fault.

  2. Problem:LED display panel is continuously off or abnormal:

  Phenomenon :a large area of ​​blank screen

  Solution: Check if the cable of the first abnormal module in the direction of the signal is in good connect with the power cable. If led module is not on, it indicates that there is no power input. Please check the power supply (check with a multimeter). The suit color (bright with chaotic colors) indicates that the module has no signal input. Please check if the input terminal of the first abnormal module's cable is tightly connected and can be tested repeatedly. If the problem still can replace the new cable.

  3,Problem: LED display fault point maintenance:

  After a single lamp test confirms that the LED is damaged, the following maintenance methods are used according to actual needs.

  2-1 Front access maintenance: Remove the fixed mask screw from the front with a corresponding type of screwdriver (make sure to protect the screws), remove the cover, replace the lamp , change the lamp and seal the gel After the end, restore the original mask and tighten the screws (be careful not to press the lamp when tightening the screws). If there is any glue remaining on the surface of the LED display, please carefully remove the colloid.

  2-2 Rear access Maintenance: Remove the screws from the back with the corresponding type of screwdriver (remember to keep the screws) and unplug the signal cable. For safety, please do not unplug the power cable to prevent accidents. Carefully move the module from Remove the hole in the sheet metal, move it to the back of the box, and then perform maintenance on the individual modules according to the front maintenance method to replace the lamp.

  4, Problem:replace led module lights:

  The glue around the damaged LED display is removed with sharp tools (such as tweezers), and the LED pins are clearly exposed in the line of sight. The right hand clamps the LED display with a tweezers, and the left hand uses a soldering iron (temperature is about 40 degrees, over High temperatures will damage the LED display. Touch the solder and stay for a little while (no longer than 3 seconds. If it does not meet the disassembly requirements, please cool down and try again.) Solder and use the tweezers to display the LED. Screen removed.

  The LED display light that meets the requirements will be correctly inserted into the hole of the PCB circuit board. (The long leg of the LED lamp is positive, the short leg is negative, and the square hole on the PCB is the cathode plug of the LED. The "circular hole" is The negative electrode pin socket of the LED) melts a little solder wire and sticks it on the soldering iron head. Use a tweezers to adjust the direction of the LED display to make it smooth. Solder the solder to the LED and the PCB, using the same type of colloid (PH Value = 7) Seal the LED display.

  5, Problem:LED display single module is not bright:

  Phenomenon :there is a blank screen module

  Check if the power supply of the module is good, mainly check if the power socket on the module is loose. If the entire module has color confusion or color inconsistencies (but there is a signal input, there is a correct picture) for the signal transmission row County fault connect, re-inserted cable, or replace the tested cable. If you have a good replacement cable still has the same problem, please check if the PCB board interface problems.

  The above is the LED display module wholesale supplier share five types of LED display module fault repair methods, and hopes to be useful to everyone!

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