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LED Displays VS Changeable,Incandescent Displays

  Invest in an led display and see how your business can increase profit, boost sales and look more professional. lets compare the benefits of a led display with that of a changeable or incandescent display:

  Changeable displays:

changeable displays

  no way to quickly display time sensitive information

  manually changed signs have safety and liability concerns

  broken, crooked and missing letters constantly need replacement and could leave you with the wrong message

  inclement weather makes it hard to change message

  hard to read messages are ineffective leading to lost sales

  Incandescent displays:

incandescent displays

  burned out lamps present poor image of your business

  high energy needs mean high electricity bills

  incandescent bulbs constantly burn out and demand maintenance

  incandescent (flip disk) are a sign of old technology

  LED display benefits:

led displays

  impact your drive-by audience with fast, bright, text and animation!

  eliminate liability connected with changing letter board systems

  outdoor led advertising has a much lower cpm compared to other media

  time and temp are great community services

  ability to promote specific products and promotions to increase sales

  strategically target message to your drive-by audience to cut other ad waste

  change message fast and from convenience of your home or office pc

  reduce labor cost and daily message maintenance

  The result you get with an led display- your business looks professional, sales increase and costs are dramatically reduced or eliminated!

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