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LED Display Screen Not Working and Troubleshooting

  In the process of using LED display, it is unavoidable to encounter trouble.Today, we will introduce how to diagnose and handle the fault of LED display screen. 

  1: Check the video card settings are set up, according to the need to set the method in the CD electronic file, please refer to.

  2: Check the system basic connection, such as DVI line, network cable socket is correct, the main control card and computer PCI plug the connection, serial line connection, and so on, connection method already has the legend, please consult carefully

  3: Check the computer and LED power supply system to meet the needs of the use.

  When the LED screen power supply is insufficient, when the display close to the white (electricity consumption) will cause the picture flicker, according to the box power demand preparation suitable power supply.

  4: Check the transmission card has a regular green light flashing, flashing to the 6th step, if not flashing, reboot, did not enter the win98/2k/xp before checking the green light is a regular flashing, such as flashing to the second step, please check the DVI line connection is good, if the problem is not resolved for the sending card,The video card and DV line I have one of the faults, please replace the 3rd step after each replacement.

  5: Please follow the software instructions to set up or reinstall, until the sending card green flashing, or repeat the 3rd step.

  6: Check the receive card green light (data light) is flashing with the sending card green light, if the flashing to the 8th step, check the red light (power) is lit, if the 7th step, do not light check yellow light (power protection) is light, such as not bright check whether the power supply or power supply no output, such as light check whether the power supply voltage is 5 V, turn off the power, remove the transfer card and line to try again, if the problem is not resolved to receive card failure, replace the receiving card, repeat the 6th step.

  7: Check whether the network cable is good or too long (must use the standard Super 5 network cable, no repeater network cable the longest distance of small and 100 meters, check whether the network cable according to the standard production (please consult the installation and setup), such as the problem is not resolved to receive card failure, replace the receiving card, repeat the 6th step.

  8: Check the large screen power supply light, such as the 7th step, check the adapter interface definition line and the cell board match.

  Note: Most of the screen body connected, there may be a local box without screen or flower screen, as a result of the network cable RJ45 interface connection is not strong, or the receiving card power supply is not connected, resulting in the signal did not pass, so please reseat the network cable (or switch), or plug in the receiving card power (note the direction) can solve the problem.

  After reading the above introduction, do you have more experience on how to diagnose and handle the fault of LED  signs?

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