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LED Display Screen for Church

  Led display more and more used in life, such as the church, how to choose a display for the church? First we need to know some difference between fixed and rental background screen.

  One:pixel pitch

  LED stage rental screen for playback effect requirements clearer. Therefore, the general indoor stage screen environment using P3 P4 model of high-definition screen, or even more stringent will be used to small spacing P2.5 P2, outdoor use P5 P6 led display. As for the solid led room inside and outside the display, due to viewing distance, indoor general use P5 P6 model, outdoor use is the  P10 led display, followed by P16.And the indoor is the table pastes, the outdoors usually uses the dip, but sometimes also uses the table to paste the product.


  fixed outdoor LED display, are waterproof box, the structure is relatively heavy.Indoor is also the use of the simple cabinet; for LED stage rental display, currently used die-casting aluminum box production, thin structure, high stability, more convenient to install disassembly at any time, suitable for holding concerts, stage performances.

  Three: Installation Method

  Stage rental screen requires easy disassembly and installation, such as the end of a concert, can be dismantled and transported to another stage site. And fixed led room inside and outside the display, the installation position fixed, will not easily move.

  Fine pixel led church LED screen adaptable design enhances installation capabilities. it is available in 3.91, 4.81 and 5.95mm pixel pitches.

church led screen

  One:EMC Optimized Design

  In the application, the led screen rental needs and a variety of electronic equipment at the same time, in order to avoid each other electromagnetic interference, the leasing screen needs to be optimized for EMC design.

  Two:Automatic correction

  With the "Dynamic correction" technology rental screen, the user to replace the module or receive cards without any debugging, change the good; the whole screen is corrected effect, colorless, color block, Huati and so on, just power on the whole screen display normal.

  Three, cabinet status monitoring

  High-end Rental screen configuration of the receiving card for the box temperature, humidity, power supply, fan signal line communication status detection and monitoring, so that the on-site staff real-time control of the box running state.

  Four, dual-card, current-n+1 power double Backup

  In the parallel system, each current power supply can share less power according to the power, and when a single power supply is in trouble, other current-sharing power supply can continue to provide power supply to the system and improve the reliability of the system.

  Five, silent operation

  In some rental screen applications of high-end occasions, such as museums, concerts, press conferences, etc. to the LED display screen noise requirements, the need to adopt a low noise fan or no fan and low noise power supply, sometimes to achieve this effect, the power part of the higher requirements.

  Six. Intelligent Brightness Adjustment

  In the performance, the stage and only led rental screen a light source, its display effect will be projected, spotlights, shaking lights and other stage lighting effects.

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