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LED Display Board Advantages and Disadvantages

  LED display can be customized, wide viewing angle, high brightness, long viewing distance, long life, widely used in various occasions.LED display board supplier share LED display advantages and disadvantages knowledge.

  LED display advantages:

  1, wide angle of view

  The outdoor wall-mount full-color led screen has a wide viewing angle more than 110 degrees in the horizontal direction. It also has a wide viewing angle of more than 110 degrees in the vertical direction. This is particularly advantageous in some applications, such as building screens. Outdoor LED displays suspended from high altitudes require a wider viewing angle to display better advertising results.

  2, light weight cabinet.

  The use of aluminum alloy cabinet structure design is very light. It is not easy to be deformed, easy to assemble and flat, and suitable for rental companies, car screens, and mobile trailer led display media.

  Column installation or wall installation reduces the stress on the steel structure of the screen body.

  3, suitable for close-up viewing

  Because the design structure is three-in-one, the three chips are very close together, and the light is mixed in the same bracket bowl instead of three separate oval LEDs, so the red, green, and blue light mixing effects are better than the straight-line oval LEDs. Screen, especially suitable for close-up viewing.

  4, automated production, cost reduction, productivity increase

  The surface-mount LED can use the automatic placement machine for automated patching, which has high production efficiency. The circuit design of the LED outdoor display module enables the combination of the light board and the driver board. Reduced costs, increased reliability, and increased productivity.

  5, high contrast

  Thanks to the three-in-one design structure. Full-color SMD is small in size, so it has a small light emitting area and a large black area. Improves the contrast of the LED display.

  6, good light distribution

  The matching consistency of three luminances of red, green and blue oval LEDs at different angles is a very difficult indicator. The full-color SMD design structure is a three-in-one structure, red, green, and blue chips are all in a bracket bowl cup. Therefore, the matching consistency of the three brightnesses of red, green, and blue is highly consistent at different angles, so that the outdoor full-color surface-mounted LED display has a good consistency in brightness at any angle, and achieves better color realistic effects.

  LED display disadvantages:

  It also has a relatively good optical effect. Either way, since it is outdoors, it must have the advantages of waterproof, moisture-proof and UV-proof. However, these factors will have an impact on the life of the LED display. Any product has a service life. How to improve is always Constantly solve the problem.

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