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Important Parameters of LED Module

  LED module is the core of LED video display , it is a set of LED circuit board and Shell, and is the LED light beads arranged in accordance with a certain rules of the package, and then add some waterproof treatment and composed of a product.
  With the development of LED display industry and the increasing demand of application, the function of LED module can not be neglected.
  So, today we're going to take a look at the seven main parameters of the LED module:
  First, LED module color
  It is the most basic parameter of the wholesale LED display  module, different colors are used in different occasions.
  According to the type of color can be divided into monochrome, Full-color single point control two kinds.
  1, monochrome is a single color, can not be changed, connected to the power of work.
  2, Full-color single point is to be able to control the color of each module, the number of modules to achieve a certain degree of time can be achieved to display pictures and video effects.The full color single point must add the control system to realize the effect.
  Second, LED module brightness
  When it comes to brightness, which is a parameter that people pay more attention to.
  Brightness in the LED is a more complex problem, we usually say in the LED module brightness is usually luminous intensity and transparency, generally the relevant degree of each module added out.
  Third, LED module light-emitting angle
  LED module without lens light-emitting angle mainly by LED light bead to decide, LED light bead different luminous angle is also different, generally with the manufacturer to provide LED lamp bead light-emitting angle for the angle of LED module.
  Fourth, LED module operating temperature
  LED module normal working temperature is usually in between -18°c and 58°c, if the requirements of a higher range of occasions to carry out special treatment, such as air-conditioning or exhaust fan.
  Fifth, LED module voltage
  It is a very important parameter in the LED module, the 12V low voltage module is quite common at present.
  In connection with the power supply and control system must check the correctness of the voltage value in order to power, otherwise it will damage the LED module.
  LED module size
  Usually refers to the length and width of the said size. Maximum length of a single connection: This parameter we use more when doing large-scale projects, it means in a series LED module, the number of connected LED modules. This is related to the size of the connector for the LED module.
  Also to be customized according to the actual situation.
  The waterproof grade of the LED module This is mainly for outdoor, it is to ensure that outdoor LED modules can be in the outdoor long-term work of important indicators. Usually in the whole open air waterproof grade to reach the best IP65.

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