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How to Repair LED Curtain Screen

  LED Curtain screen using a long time, the product needs to do regular maintenance. LED Curtain Screen How to overhaul it?

led strip display   
Need to look at the specific circumstances to judge, the following share of relevant experience:

  1, transparent screen screen body black screen does not work

  1 Confirm the control box has power (PWR red LED illuminated steady), and the signal output is normal (run green light strobe);

  2) LED Curtain screen has been normal power, in the turn on or off the blink of an instant to realize the whole flashing once after the restoration of black screen;

  3 If the above two checks are correct, please confirm that the network cable is already plugged in good contact, you can use the network cable tester to test whether the network cable is normal.

  2, LED screen display is not comprehensive

  1 Please confirm that the content of the program is made by transparent screen body resolution.

  2 Verify that the video processor resolution and screen resolution are consistent.

  3. One or more lights in a module or the whole module does not work properly

  First of all, to confirm the location of the fault phenomenon (visually identify the fault module location, and do a simple marking), and then the failure module for the corresponding replacement, the replacement module specific methods are as follows:

  ① the whole power supply of the screen body, open the cover board behind the screen body, unplug the power and signal lines of the module;

  ② Remove the fixed screws around the module;

  ③ remove fault module packaging;

  ④ the corresponding new module, lock the fixed module screws and plug the power cord and signal line;

  ⑤ Power Test screen is normal. The above is about the LED curtain screen how to overhaul the common problems of solutions, from simple to complex, starting from the basic start to troubleshoot, it will be able to solve the problem.

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