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How to Maintenance LED Display Screen

  LED display is a High-tech electronic products, production costs are also quite expensive. Because the LED display in the use of the process will be due to pollution, loosening, vibration, heat and environmental temperature changes and other factors caused a variety of failures, which affect the normal use of the display, and even cause serious accidents. Therefore, the display of maintenance has become an important work.

  So led display module wholesale factory explain the LED Display screen maintenance and maintenance of the standard steps.

  First, to carry out regular security work

  For the general LED Screen security is the use of "monthly inspection system", and large LED display is "Week inspection system."

  1, monthly regular technical personnel on-site inspection, the system for inspection and maintenance.

  2, for outdoor display, due to wind, rain, thunder, electricity and other natural factors caused damage, not within the scope of the warranty.

  The owner shall insure against the insurance company and be paid by the insurance company.

  3, maintenance services, the general failure within 8 hours to solve maintenance problems, major accidents no more than 24 hours. Repair to replace the module and other accessories, not more than 24 hours.

  After repair, to service to ensure that large screen does not appear above module level (such as module color, module Black, a column is not bright, etc.), the normal playback.

  4, the Baojia of major activities, the company technicians to guide and ensure the smooth development of on-site activities.

  Second, the screen cleaning work For the lower protection level of the display, especially the outdoor LED screen, the dust in the air easily into the equipment from the vent hole, will speed up the loss of equipment such as fans wear and even damage. Dust may also fall on the screen internal control device surface, reduce heat conduction and insulation performance, in the face of humid weather when the dust absorbs moisture will lead to short circuit, the long-term will also lead to PCB board and electronic components of mildew, resulting in the equipment's technical performance decline, failure.

  Therefore, the screen cleaning work seems simple, but in fact, maintenance work is an important step in the process.

  Third, the regular screen connectors fastening work LED display is a high power consumption equipment, when running for a period of time, due to a number of start and stop, and operation, which supply part of the terminal blocks due to cold and hot will cause loosening, contact is not tight, the formation of virtual connection, serious heat, or even ignite the plastic components next to. Signal terminals will also be due to the ambient temperature and cold changes loose, moisture erosion leads to poor contact, resulting in equipment failure, it is necessary to the LED display connectors on a regular basis fastening.

  In the fastener adjustment, should be evenly and properly, to ensure strong and effective.

  Four, regular to screen surface cleaning work LED Display screen cleaning is high-altitude, need to be equipped with professional cleaning team. The cleaning operation uses the high altitude hanging rope way (commonly known as spider person) or uses the hanging bar, the configuration specialized cleaning equipment, cleans the personnel according to the screen different dirt choice different cleaning agent to have the targeted cleaning, thus ensures that does not damage the LED lamp and the mask the premise completes the display screen cleaning work. Cleaning preparation needs to pay attention to two points: first, before cleaning, need to unplug the power cord.

  Second, the choice of cleaning liquid, cleaning liquid generally includes electrolyte, high-purity distilled water, anti-static liquid, etc., to choose the quality of good, so that the effective cleaning screen dust and other stains.

  The specific cleaning maintenance is divided into three steps: The first step: vacuuming.

  First, remove dirt and dust from the surface of the screen mask.

  Second: Wet wash. Note that the lotion can not be sprayed directly on the screen, but to be a little cleaning liquid spray on the cleaning cloth, and then gently along the same direction to wipe.

  Also can use the soft brush of the vacuum cleaner on the lamp mask to scrub, the dirt clean brush. The third step: drying. Use vacuum cleaner to absorb wet and dry wash left after the water mark to ensure that the display screen mask clean and dust-free.

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