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How to Clear a Blurry Screen for Large LED Screen

  Blurred screen of led screen can not be normal display for a variety of reasons, we summarize some common problems and solutions.

  The newly installed LED screen, blurred screen, which may be the control card set scan is not correct, or the line is not plugged (check from the control card to the first board of the line), 5V power supply error will also occur this problem.

  If using a period of time after the sudden appearance of this phenomenon, in addition to the control card fault, the biggest possibility is that the PC board watered damaged chips or power. You can also try a monitor with a DVI interface, look at the video card DVI output signal is normal. General Linsn Card  DVI interface resolution is 1024*768. Blurred screen, it may also be a video card problem, or drive problems.

  Try to unplug the card on the back of the LED display screen and press the Debug button on the receiving card to see if the screen scan is normal.

  In addition, caused by Full-color LED screen blurred screen for below reasons:

  1, blurred screen of LED screencan not show

  Solution:  whether the power supply of led screen is normal,220V strong power input?

  2, LED scxreen is not normal, blurred screen


  (1) Whether LED control card parameter set is correct, whether signal transmission to led control card;

  (2) Whether communication line is norma, whether the LED control card has signal input;

  (3) Whether LED control card 5V power supply is normal;

  3, part of LED screen is not normal, such as black screen, blurred screen

  Solution: Wether supply power is working properly, signal transmission line fault, LED panel module failure.

  1, detect the output interface to the signal output IC wiring is connected or short circuit.

  2, detect the transmission of the clock lock signal is normal.

  3, detection of the last driver IC between the level of the output data port with the output interface of the data port or whether the short circuit.

  4, LED cabinet cooling is not good, resulting in video card temperature rise.

  Solution: Remove the heat dissipation problem.

  whether the fan is working properly, refueling the fan, cleaning the dust in the chassis, solve the problem after the heat dissipation can be ruled out.

  5. Reload system, video card or monitor does not support high resolution.


  (1) Restart the computer, press the F8 key continuously, in the Advanced Boot menu, choose to enter the "Safe Mode" return landing system, and then enter the display settings under Windows, select 16 color status, click the "Apply" button, click "OK" button.

  (2) Restart the computer, in normal Windows mode, enter the Device Manager, remove the graphics driver, restart the computer.

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