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How to Choose LED Signs Power Distribution Cabinet

  Why does the LED display screen  need a power distribution cabinet? How to choose the power distribution cabinet?LED display screen supplier for you to explain some led display screen distribution cabinet knowledge.

  LED display screen is a high-power electronic equipment, good distribution equipment is the system to achieve reliable work of one of the important conditions.

  LED display screen  by a large number of switching power supply, capacitive load, in the screen startup, instantaneous current, easy to impact on the power grid, resulting in damage to electrical equipment, so for power over 20KW display, should be equipped with distribution of the electrical function of the power distribution cabinet.

  The importance of distribution cabinet to LED display screen 

        Now the LED display screen  has more than 10 square meters, large dozens of hundreds of square meters, the whole screen power is relatively large. For such high-power use of electrical appliances in the use of security is not to be overlooked, at any time because of lightning, overload caused by short circuit, burning screen, fire and other major safety accidents. If only because of a small power distribution cabinet problems led to millions of LED display screen  failure is really penny wise. And some customers look for the electrical personnel in the market, according to the power consumption to customize the distribution cabinet. In the customization process, to find professional electrician personnel face-to-face communication technology issues, for fear of omission caused by installation trouble, wasted a lot of time and energy.

  Electrician personnel's technical level is uneven, the custom distribution cabinet also can have the hidden trouble huge. How to choose LED display screen  Power distribution cabinet?

  Consider this from several perspectives:

  LED display screen  of the construction features-many lines, strong and weak electricity concentration, product design is after years of LED display screen  engineering experience summed up the results, fully taking into account the LED display screen  engineering experience results, fully take into account the characteristics of the LED display screen  project construction, fully take into account the special needs of the actual project.

  The characteristic of electric power of LED display screen   is that the impact current is large, the effective load is light;

  operability: Simple operation, easy installation, inlet and outlet connectors are reserved, on-site construction is fast and convenient, save the site construction time.

  Reliability: The main equipment in the product are well-known brands, reliable performance, is the display of reliable power supply of the powerful protection, material selection are according to electrical distribution related standards.

  Service: LED display screen  specifications changeable, distribution cabinet needs are different, according to the project customer requirements design system, by professional China led screen manufacturer engineers according to specific engineering characteristics, design the most applicable distribution settings to effectively improve the overall efficiency of the project.

  Professional: Products in accordance with the national and industry standards designed to produce beautiful, safe and reliable, greatly improve the level of ancillary equipment;

  Safety: The internal design of the product is equipped with lightning protection device, which solves the problem of the interference of the power supply equipment in the outdoors.

  Various control methods: the product has manual local control, using multi-function card to achieve remote control, timing control.

  Economy: In the design fully consider the site construction, wiring of the economy, the appropriate and effective use of electrical materials;

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