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How to choose indoor rental led display

  From the application environment classification, LED display can be divided into indoor LED display and outdoor LED billboards, or fixed led display and foldable led screen,different application environment on the LED display hardware and software requirements are also different. Therefore, when we do indoor LED display rental, we can not stand in the rental outdoor LED display angle to consider, but should be depending on the specific circumstances. What should be paid attention to rental LED display ?

  Indoor LED display rental need to pay attention to the following points:

  I. Brightness

  The effect of brightness on indoor LED display is very big, brightness is too high easy to damage human vision, harm human health, brightness is too low will cause screen image display is not clear.

  In general, indoor LED display brightness to 800cd/㎡-2000cd/㎡, different brand LED display products, its brightness is also different.

  Second, visual angle

  LED display of the size of the visual angle directly determines the number of LED display screen audience. The larger the visual angle the better, the audience scope will be more broad, visual angle by the LED tube-core packaging mode.

  Therefore, the choice of indoor led rental screen should also pay attention to the packaging of the tube core.

  Third, flatness

  The flatness of the display affects the quality of the display image. Industry indoor led rental screen box surface flatness are maintained within the ±1mm, the box surface of the local convex or concave will lead to the visual angle of the display.

  The smoothness of the quality is determined by the production process, wholesale LED display manufacturers in the production should pay attention to this problem.

  Four, the color of the reduction

  The color of the display screen is to show the color of the display to the source of the color to maintain a high degree of consistency, so as to ensure that the image of the real sense.

  V. Dead point

  The dead point of the LED display screen is the single spot of illuminated steady or often black appearing on the display screen, and the number of dead points is decided by the Tube core. The lower the dead, the better the display will be.

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