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How to Calculate Length of Curved LED Displays

  Commonly used are conventional LED display, and arc led screen used less, and arc led screen needs to know the arc length, chord length, high string can be steel, ARC screen area, etc. for calculation, LED display manufacturers for you in detail about the Arc screen calculation method.

  1. Measure the length of the chord long chord high arc length.

  The general arc length is difficult to measure and the size difference is big, therefore calculates the arc length and the radius according to the chord high chord length, carries on the reconciliation.The difference can be within 10cm range, if the difference is large, please repeat measurement and calculation.

  2. Chord high chord length measurement method.

  The two ends of the arc have a straight distance of chord length, the midpoint of the chord length to the midpoint of the ARC line is high (or: the midpoint of the chord length draws the line to the curve to the distance for the chord height) the curved led screen chord long chord high arc length .

  3. The arc length and radius method are calculated according to the chord high chord lengt. Calculation idea: The root formula calculates the angle of the chord high chord length constituting the right-angled triangle.


  ① set chord height to B chord length for 2a measurement 2a=200 b=60 Calculate arc length and radius

  ② chord high chord length forming triangle edge length is a=100 b=60 chord length calculation method

  ③ chord high chord length  constitute the triangular side length that is a=100 b=60 according to the Pythagorean theorem compute the C-side long Pythagorean Theorem formula: a square +b square =c square namely: c=116.62

  ④ again according to trigonometric function Formula SIN∠A=A/C (∠a a diagonal) that is: sin∠a=0.86 and then using the inverse of the calculator to calculate the length of the ∠a=59.32° chord angle calculation method

  ⑤ extends the B side to the center of the circle, ∠b the vertex to the center of the circle. The formation of isosceles.Based on the internal angle and 180° of the triangle, the calculation method of the Arc of curved screen arc of 124° radian is isosceles ∠c=62.

  ⑥ based on the formula of sin∠c=c/hypotenuse, the sin62 of the Sin62=100/hypotenuse calculator is 0.883, that is, the hypotenuse length is the 113.3 r=113.3 the hypotenuse length calculation method.

  ⑦ arc where the circumference is: circumference =2πr=2*3.14*113.3 =711.52 circumference/360, the value of this circle for each angle is: 1.98 arc length = per degree 1.98* Billboard Radian 124°=245.52.The final result is arc length: 245.52 radians: 124° Radius: 113.3 Arc Screen calculation method

  4. Compare the calculated arc length with the actual measured arc length The difference can be within 250px range, if the difference is large please repeat measurement and calculation

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