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How Much Does an LED Display Screen Cost

  When you want to buy LED screen, a detailed quote is indispensable, you can know how much the LED screen project, whether the budget overrun, LED screen manufacturers make to detail the LED screen quote for you, help you to have a new understanding when choosing the LED screen.

  1. The cost of LEd screen:  it is calculated according to how much  per square meter, that is, the LED screen offers xxx yuan/m2, if the model and the materials used are different, and the quotations will be different. LED screen offer includes a full set of LED color screen required: led chip, led module circuit board, IC driver chip, module power supply, cabinet and plastic mask and LED screen all the cable and so on.

  2. Control system costs: The cost of sending and receiving cards. Generally, only one sending card is required for one screen. It is installed in the computer and the number of sending cards is N. The number of control cards is determined by the size of the LED screen. In general, the larger the area and the higher the density of the led screen, the greater the number of receiving cards used.

  3. Control computer: The necessary equipment to control the LED screen screen and LED full color screen, need to configure or higher requirements: dual-core CPU, 2G memory, 512M or more discrete graphics card, motherboard must have PCI slots.

  4. Audio + amplifier: Let the LED screen synchronize the video playback, usually equipped with 1 amplifier, 2 audio.

  5. Distribution cabinet: small area LED screen can not be used; it is recommended that the LED screen with the maximum power consumption above 10KW power supply can provide stable voltage supply current for LED screen operation, effectively preventing the display from being used for power supply switching, etc.

  6. Air conditioning: cooling equipment, outdoor LED screen more than 20m2 must be configured air conditioning to ensure the normal operation of the LED screen and extend the life of led screen. General indoor screen or small area display screen can not be used; large-area LED indoor display screen is strongly recommended to be equipped with a wall-mounted air conditioner to effectively reduce the temperature, ensure that the led screen is normal at high temperatures, and reduce the failure rate.

  7. Multi-function card: LED indoor display, the main role to intelligently adjust the LED full-color display brightness, temperature and other values, intelligent adjustment to achieve energy saving and extend the life of the LED screen; indoor display can not use.

  8. Arrester: Outdoor LED screen, mainly lightning protection device; indoor display can not use.

  9. Video capture card: TV card, a small card, installed in the computer, coupled with the appropriate driver software, you can allow the display to play cable TV program simultaneously, whether it is needed, the user can choose, the price is not expensive.

  10. LED video processor: mainly to improve the overall display effect and function of LED screen applications, fully tap the value of LED screen. Solve various video signal access, processing and display problems, can complete the format conversion problem between many signal formats. LED video processor brands and models, prices vary.

  11.LED player software: including computer system software, LED video player software. It is generally provided free of charge.

  12. Steel structure, manual installation: used to fixedly install the LED screen bracket, usually with steel frame structure, aluminum plate or stainless steel edge material. Including manual installation costs (Recommendations: Manufacturers can provide structural design drawings for steel frames free of charge, customers look for manufacturers to make them well, and the production is simple. The average worker can complete the work, and the cost is low and it is easy to install).

  13. Freight: According to the shipping distance budget.

  14. Technician Expenses: When the wholesale led display module of LED screen is delivered to the customer, the company sends 1-2 technical engineers to help guide the installation and technical debugging. There are mainly room and board fees for technical engineers and round-trip transfer fees

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