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High Temperature and Fireppoof Outdoor LED Signs

  LED display is high-speed development, before we are very concerned about the energy saving LED screen, but today we focus on the LED screen to prevent high temperature ignition problem.

  LED Display screen fire protection technology is mainly related to the LED display fire raw materials, box technology has a great relationship.

  Fire-resistant raw materials mainly include the use of LED display inside the wire, power supply, external protection structure Fire prevention materials and plastic kits these four aspects:

  1th: In most LED display applications, LED display unit area of the larger display, the greater the use of electricity, the wire's power stability also has higher requirements. In many wire products, the use of wire in line with GB requirements can guarantee its safety and stability, its requirements have three points: the core for copper wire conductive carrier, line core sectional area tolerance in the standard range value, package core of the rubber insulation and flame retardant to achieve the standard, compared to the general copper clad aluminum core, line core section area is small,Insulation rubber grade Not enough wire, power performance more stable, not easy to short-circuit.

  2nd: Through the UL certification of power products is also the choice of the best choice of similar products, its effective conversion rate to ensure that the power supply load safety and stability, in the external ambient temperature hot conditions, can also work properly;

  3rd: The material aspect of the external protection structure of LED display, high level of fire protection on the market display screen products are mostly the use of fire-resistant aluminum-plastic panels, its excellent fire resistance, fire retardant is also very strong, core materials, special materials, oxygen aging performance is also strong, melting point temperature of 135 ℃, decomposition temperature 300 ℃, environmental performance, low smoke without halogen, In line with SGS, flame-retardant b-s1,d0,t0, reference to the use of standard UL94, gb/8624-2006.The general outdoor LED display of aluminum-plastic panels with high temperature, rain, hot and cold impact aging faster, so that in the relatively humid climate season, rain easily infiltration screen inside the body led to short circuit of electronic components caused by fire;

  4th: Led Full-color display screen fire raw materials also have an important part, that's the plastic kit, the plastic kit. The main use material of the base shell of module mask is the pc+ glass fiber material with flame-retardant function, which not only has flame-retardant function, but also can be used in high and low temperature and long time, not deformed,

  Will not become brittle cracking, combined with better sealing glue used, can effectively block the external environment of the rain into the interior thereby causing a short circuit fire. In addition to internal raw materials will affect the fire effect, external configuration and design is also very important, but the external configuration is mainly related to fire problems in the heat dissipation, in the LED display work will be equipped with exhaust fans and air-conditioning to the screen body cooling,

  It is recommended that every 8-10 square 1P of air-conditioning to ensure that the temperature in the body of the screen to maintain a normal thermostat, air-conditioning or fan configuration is not in place will cause heat treatment uneven, easily lead to the temperature of the screen body caused by the internal security risks.

  In addition, China LED screen manufacturers remind: many LED enterprises in the case of the protection level test, but simply simulate the external environment spray waterproof test, durability and strength of the resistance to be verified, so LED display used after a period of time after the water seepage situation occurs, This is an outdoor LED display is prone to fire or short service life is an important reason. In response to thunderstorm weather, screen body device is also to avoid lightning trueshot and burned the screen body of the necessary tools, you can direct the lightning into the ground, and will not affect the screen body.

  FINE PIXEL LED Outdoor led signs Key benefits:

  Excellent image quality, wide viewing angles

  IP 65 waterproof cabinet design

  Minimum installation costs

  Ultimate reliability

  Easy front AND back access

  Advanced web-based setup, monitoring and control

outdoor led signs

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