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High Stability LED Screen Rental

  LED screen hire is widely used in various major leasing activities and in order to protect the performance of the smooth development of activities, we need to rent LED screen to maintain a stable work, then how to do it?

  China rental led screen manufacturer from three aspects to introduce the rental LED screen work stability solution:

  First,Material selection

  The key materials for the stability of LED screen Hire are LED lights, drive ICS, power supply, power signal connectors and excellent structural design. Our requirements for the selection of materials are: internationally renowned brands, higher than the industry standards required to carry out the relevant testing, as well as the requirements of various protection functions. For example, LED screen power selection requirements: There is overheating protection, AC input to support wide voltage, surge resistance. DC output to have overvoltage, overcurrent protection.

  Structural Design in the box to ensure that the appearance of fashion, but also to ensure good heat dissipation and rapid splicing methods.

led screen rental

  Second,System control

  The system controls each link to have the hot backup function, including video sending, receiving equipment, signal transmission cables, etc., it can ensure that in a certain part of the system accident situation, the system can automatically diagnose and switch to a very fast speed to standby equipment work, the entire switching process will not have an impact on the field display effect. In order to meet the needs of the stage led screen, the LED display needs to be in the live scene of mobile splicing modeling. If due to staff negligence or other reasons, a large screen in the middle of a display signal input line has been loose, in the conventional control scheme, from the loose box to start, to the end of the signal cascade, all display will have no signal.

  If a hot backup scheme is added to the control system, the hot backup function is activated when the signal line is loose and the display is still working, and will not bring any effect to the live scene.

  Third, LED screen hire working condition monitoring

  Computer real-time monitoring, including temperature, humidity, voltage, smoke, cooling fan working status and so on. The various conditions that occur can be adjusted automatically to provide location and alarm for anomalies. For example: When an LED screen box because of the environment or other factors cause the internal temperature of the box is relatively high, then in the absence of timely processing, the power supply inside the box will be over temperature protection at any time. If the display is monitored in this case, the system will reduce its internal temperature by intelligently adjusting the working status of the LED screen. When the intelligent adjustment can not reduce the temperature to set the target, the system will be set up by the staff to alarm, and provide abnormal box position, notify the staff to deal with timely. Ensure the normal working status of LED display.

led screen rental
  Die Cast aluminum light weight Structure

  Rental led screen is designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications. Through thoughtful engineering and craftsmanship, theRental led screen  features a thin, lightweight, high-strength die-casting in a modular design to fit a wide range of simple or complex applications. The unique structural design of rental led screen has pioneered, patented and perfected the use of die-casting in the construction of LED video wall displays.

  Dual power supply & signal

  Dual power supply & signal input design,one for working,one for backup.Once one input fails,another one will work automatically without switching.

  Seamless screen splicing and Support ±15 degree installation

  It has the following advantages: Arc shaped panel edge,seamless splicing and no angle acquirement,perfect arc-bending panel technology vivid visual effects and no distorition.Double-side 15 degree oblique angle design,support ±15 degree assembly,Sticky tape support seamless connection between panels.

  Special designed handles

  The hanles can be turned over to the side of the LED screen,protect the LED and mask from being damaged during transportation or moving.

  Fast, Flexible installation and maintence

  From start to finish, the Rental led screen accommodates the fast-paced nature of rental, staging and flexible installations. With Rental led screen modular design, free-standing or hanging applications,supporting independent failed module replacement which is quite fast and cost saving for repair and maintence

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