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Guide to Buying LED Display Screen

  Buy LED display, many customers do not know how to buy cost-effective products, there are many users in the Internet to collect information on this aspect, but always get no satisfactory answer.

  So what are the factors that should be considered when choosing a display screen?

  1th: Need to understand the general display of the ratio of the long width?

  1, Graphics screen: According to the contents of the display to determine;

  2, video screen: generally 4:3 or nearly 4:3; the ideal ratio is 16:9.

  2nd: Screen size design generally consider what factors?

  1, the need to display content;

  2. Space conditions of the site;

  3, screen unit template size (indoor screen) or pixel size (outdoor screen).

  3rd: Need to understand the control system can control the number of points?

  Communication screen A card: monochrome, Two-color 1024x64

  Communication Screen B Card: Single color: 896x512 two-color: 896x256

  DVI Dual Color Screen: 1280x768

  DVI Station: 1024x512

  4th: Need to understand the screen consumption indicators and power requirements? The power consumption of the display is divided into average power consumption and maximum power consumption. The average power consumption is also called working power, which is the actual power consumption. The maximum power consumption is the electricity consumption at the extreme condition of starting or Kangliang, and the maximum electricity consumption is the essential factor that the AC electricity supply (wire diameter, switch, etc.) must be considered. Average power consumption is generally 1/3 of the maximum power consumption.

  Display is a large precision electronic equipment, in order to safely use and reliable work, its ac220v power input or its connected computer ac220v power input must be grounded.

  5th: Need to understand the indoor module Station and SMD full color difference have?

  1, light-emitting part: module full color display module is generally yellow-green, pure green module price is more expensive, SMD led screen general use of pure green pipe core;

  2, Display effect: The module full color pixel point visual feeling thicker, lower brightness, easy to have mosaic phenomenon, SMD full color uniformity is better, brightness is higher;

  3, Maintenance: The module full color is not easy to maintain, the whole module replacement cost is higher, and SMD full color easy maintenance, and can be used for single lamp repair replacement;

  6th: Why is the production cycle of outdoor led screen longer?

  1, raw materials procurement: LED lamp purchase cycle is longer, in particular, import tube core, the order cycle needs 4-6 weeks;

  2, the production process is complex: need to go through the PCB design, shell production, potting, white balance, etc.

  3, the structure of strict requirements: generally for the box design, need to consider wind, rain, lightning and so on.

  7th: What are the factors that need to be considered to allow the area of the screen?

  1. The relationship between effective visual range and actual site size;

  2, pixel size and resolution;

  3, the unit is the base area estimate;

  4, screen body mechanical installation and maintenance operation space;

  5. The influence of the inclination of the screen body on the distance;

  8th: Need to understand the brightness of the environment for the screen body what brightness requirements?

  General brightness requirements are as follows:

  1. Indoor: >800cd/m2

  2. Half Room: >2000cd/m2

  3, Outdoor (sitting Southern Dynasties North): >4000cd/m2

  4. Outdoor (South): >8000cd/m2

  In the clear brightness and point density requirements, how to calculate the brightness of LED lights?

  The calculation method is as follows: (Take two red, one green, one blue for example)

  Red LED light brightness: Brightness (CD)/m2÷ points/m2x0.3÷2

  Green LED light brightness: Brightness (CD)/m2÷ points/m2x0.6

  Blue LED light brightness: Brightness (CD)/m2÷ points/m2x0.1

  For example: 2,500 points per square meter density, 2r1g1b, per square meter brightness requirements for 5000cd/m2, then:

  Red LED lamp Brightness: 5000÷2500x0.3÷2=0.3

  Green LED lamp Brightness: 5000÷2500x0.6=1.2

  Blue LED light brightness: 5000÷2500x0.1=0.2

  The brightness of each pixel point is: 0.3x2+1.2+0.2=2.0cd

  9th: What are the effects of playback?

  1, Text display: Depending on the size of its text and the needs of the resolution;

  2, ordinary video display: 320x240 dot matrix;

  3, Digital standard DVD display: ≥640x480 dot matrix;

  4, complete computer video: ≥800x600 dot matrix;

  Dix: Need to know the design of outdoor display and installation problems?

  1, the combination of screen body and building must be strictly waterproof and leak-proof, the screen body should have good drainage measures, once the water can be discharged smoothly;

  2. Install lightning-prevention devices on the display and buildings.

  The display body and the shell maintain good grounding, grounding resistance less than 3 ohms, so that the lightning caused by the large current timely discharge;

  3, the installation of ventilation equipment cooling, so that the internal temperature of the screen -10℃~40℃ between.

  The rear of the screen body is installed with Axial flow fan, discharging heat;

  4, the selection of operating temperature between the -40℃~80℃ of the industrial-grade integrated circuit chip to prevent the winter temperature too low to enable the display screen can not start.

  5, in order to ensure that the environment light strong in the case of remote viewing, must choose ultra-high brightness light-emitting diode; 6, the display medium chooses the new wide angle of view tube, the angle of view is broad, the color is pure, the consistent coordination, the life exceeds 100,000 hours. The outer package of the display media is the most popular one with shaded square cylinder, silicone seal, no metallization, and its exterior is exquisite, rugged, with direct sunlight, dustproof, waterproof, high temperature protection, and short circuit "five-guard" characteristics.

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