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Glass Curtain Wall LED Display Screen

  LED lighting products are many, contains led pixel lights, LED light band, LED display and so on, led body building lighting as a part of the city lighting project, beautify the city's night sky, but also enhance its own image, become self propaganda and reflect the culture and enhance visibility, and even become the landmark of the city building. In the LED staircase lighting project, outdoor LED display occupies a large part. As the city of outdoor advertising more and more stringent approval, the development of outdoor LED display has entered a bottleneck. At this point, another new display technology to the emergence of a good break in this dilemma, that is transparent LED display, also known as the glass curtain wall LED display, its own Qualcomm through, does not affect indoor lighting and viewing sight, good imaging results by the broad masses of advertising companies, and the rapid popularization of the first-tier cities. With the advancement of technology, more and more buildings are springing up, and the area of glass curtain wall is getting bigger and larger.

  The future display technology variety more and more, to transparent led display as the carrier of the new multi-media curtain wall technology will gradually rise, science and technology in our side, the same city lighting, not the same visual enjoyment!

  FINE PIXEL LED Curtain Screen Features:
led strip display
  1、 scientific light distribution, showing excellent:

  Adopt scientific special light distribution methods to make screen more effective

  2、Ultra Light and Slim

  A cabinet is less than 18Kg, only less than 1/3 of the traditional display screen, greatly reducing the cost of the steel structure, and improving the safety of the screen installation.The maximum thickness of the product is only 85mm, not only low transportation costs, but also can reduce the cost of steel structure

  3、 double through design

  Breathable: It can greatly reduce the wind load and further reduce the strength and weight of the screen structure

  Translucent: more than 45% of the permeability, the maximum reduction of the indoor environment, create a harmonious space

  4、outdoor bare equipment, high environmental adaptability

led strip display

  With high protection performance, it can be made of simple steel structure, can be installed outdoors without maintenance channels, and greatly improves the use value of the screen.Over 7000nit outdoor use brightness, even under direct sunlight, can be clearly displayed

  5、Multi-structured form, multi-application range

  At the customer's request, the front and rear maintenance methods can be selected to meet the customer's application requirements,The cabinet can be shared by straight edges and bevel edges for various similar applications

  6、 mute, good heat dissipation

  Fanless design, when used on the floor, no noise pollution, restore an excellent office environment,The heat dissipation method adopts the heat dissipation of the back cover fins and the hollow heat dissipation of the light bar, which not only enhances the strength of the screen, but also makes it more environmentally friendly.

  7、 reasonable structure, convenient calculation:

  Adopt 1000×1000mm box structure, aspect calculation purchase

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