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Full Color LED Display for Your Business

  Outdoor led display signs come in two basic varieties. You can either get a monochrome display, which is usually either red or blue or green, or one utilizing the full color led displays, fully animated messages or videos on your outdoor led billboards, which are excellent for driving more customers to your business.
full color led display

  What does RGB stand for?
  RGB stands for Red-Green-Blue, the three basic colors that make up led displays. What this means is that each pixel in the LED display is actually made up of three smaller LED lights, colored red, green, and blue. These are also sometimes called “sub-pixels,” and they're not visible by themselves unless you get within inches of the display.
  By changing which sub-pixels are lit, and how brightly, the display can create any color. For example, if the pixel needs to be magenta, then the red and blue LEDs would both light up, creating the impression of magenta when seen at a distance. Or, turning on all three lights at full strength creates white light.
full color led display

  What are the benefits of an full color LED display?
  If you want to have an outdoor led display that grabs people’s attention, there's probably no better way than with a full-color LED sign. People’s eyes are naturally drawn to bright, animated displays. It's instinctive. Fundamentally, passers-by will look when a display is showing moving content. If you have a message on it that grabs their conscious attention, you may have a new customer.
  Full color LED displays are generally brighter than monochrome as well. They can be seen clearly in broad daylight, and at night they will be distinctly noticeable on the road. This adds up to more impressions, and more leads walking into your place of business.
full color led display

  Who can benefit from an full color LED display?
  In general, full color displays are best for businesses whose products can be showcased visually. Restaurants led display can use them to display menu items, and car dealerships led signs can show off their new arrivals. Theme parks might include videos of people enjoying the attractions inside. Even less-visual businesses might benefit by showing pictures of their staff or events their business has participated in, such as highlights from a local sporting event they sponsored.
  If you want to stand out and ensure you're noticed by everyone walking or driving by, a full color LED display is an excellent choice

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