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Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display Important Parts

  At present, indoor large screen market micro-spacing LED screen, DLP rear projection splicing screen, LCD screen in world, where the micro-spacing led mosaic screen is the momentum is strong, its no patchwork, high brightness, high gray, high contrast, long service life is not equal to other splicing screen, but also the recognition of the market, Quickly grabbed a large share of the indoor mosaic market.

  And to the micro-spacing led mosaic screen so good performance can not be separated from the small pixel pitch LED display supplier application of the key devices-led lamp beads, the following on the LED lamp to do a simple introduction.

  LED lamp quality of fine pixel pitch LED display What is the shadow? LED lamp is fine pixel pitch LED display most use, influence micro-spacing LED displays the most effect of the components, for indoor micro-spacing LED application, LED lamp at present more use of dark, gold wire bonding table affixed to a triple SMD lamp bead.

  LED lamp became fine pixel pitch LED display key components, for three reasons:

  1, LED lamp is fine pixel pitch LED display using the largest number of components, take p1.5 fine pixel pitch LED display as an example, the use of up to 360,000 units per square meter.

  2, LED lamp Bead's performance index directly affects the fine pixel pitch LED display body performance, affects the audience to the display panel appraisal.

  3, LED lamps in the fine pixel pitch LED display overall cost of the largest proportion, up to 30%~70%.

  Influence of LED lamp on fine pixel pitch LED display

  1, the brightness of the impact of fine pixel pitch LED display brightness depends on the flow of LED lamp current size and LED lamp itself brightness performance. LED lamp bead Use current is bigger, fine pixel pitch LED display's luminous brightness is bigger, the high quality LED lamp bead has the good light conversion rate, the very small use current can emit the brightness very high light, to save the power consumption, maintains the fine pixel pitch the LED Display stability is good.

  2, the impact of runaway rate because fine pixel pitch LED display by tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of groups of red, green, blue Three kinds of led composed of pixel points, any color led failure will affect the overall visual effects of the display. In general, according to industry experience, in the LED display began assembly to the aging 72-hour before the failure rate should not be higher than three out of 10,000 (refers to the LED lamp itself caused by the failure), high quality LED lamp loss efficiency is very low, pioneering PU using high-quality LED lamp fine pixel pitch LED Display full screen runaway rate can be controlled under one out of 10,000.

  3, the impact on the service life of the LED lamp bead theoretical life expectancy of 100,000 hours, much larger than the fine pixel pitch LED display other parts of the working life, so long as the LED lamp bead Quality assurance, work current appropriate, PCB cooling design reasonable, display screen production process rigorous,LED lamp will be one of the most durable parts of the display machine, using high quality LED lamp fine pixel pitch LED display service life up to 100,000 hours, average trouble-free working time (MTBF) up to 50,000 hours.

  4, the impact on the perspective of the fine pixel pitch LED display from the perspective of the LED lamp perspective.At present, the indoor display more choice horizontal/vertical is the ultra wide angle of view of LED lamp, make fine pixel pitch LED display horizontal/vertical visual angle to reach 160 degrees.

  5, the impact on the pixel spacing of the LED lamp size affects the LED display screen pixel spacing and the whole screen resolution. SMD0707 LED lamps are mainly used and P1.5 the following fine pixel pitch led display,smd1010-type LED lamp beads are mainly for P1.6,  P1.9 fine pixel pitch LED display, SMD2121 LED lamps are mainly used for P2.5, P3fine Pixel pitch LED display. On the premise that the dot spacing is unchanged, LED lamp bead size increases, can increase the display area, reduce the particle feeling, but because the black area area reduces, will reduce the contrast; on the contrary, the LED lamp size reduces, reduces the display area, the grain feeling increases, the black area area increases, increases the contrast degree.

  6, the Brightness/chroma/white balance of the impact of small spacing LED display is made up of countless red, green, blue led pixel, each color led brightness, wavelength consistency determines the entire display brightness uniformity, white balance consistency, chroma consistency. In general, the display manufacturers require device suppliers to provide 5nm wavelength range and 1:1.3 of the brightness range of LED lamps, these indicators can be achieved by the device supplier through the color separation machine grading. Because the LED lamp is angled, so fine pixel pitch LED display has the same angle direction, that is, when viewed from different angles, its brightness will increase or decrease. In this way, red, green, blue color LED angle consistency will seriously affect the consistency of the white balance of different angles, directly affect the display video color fidelity. To achieve the red, green, blue led in different angles of the brightness change matching consistency, the need in the packaging lens design, the original material selection of strict scientific design, depending on the technical level of packaging suppliers. Normal direction white balance again good display, if the LED lamp angle consistency is not good, the whole screen different angle white balance effect will be bad.

  LED lamp angle consistency characteristics can be measured by the LED angle tester, for medium and high-end display is particularly important.

  7, the impact of anti-static power LED lamp bead is a semiconductor device, sensitive to electrostatic, very easy to lead to electrostatic failure, so the anti-static ability on the life of the display is critical.High-quality LED lamps can withstand 50Hz, 1500V (AC effective value) of the test voltage of 1 minutes does not occur insulation breakdown.

  8, the impact of attenuation characteristics LED display screen for a long time will appear brightness and display color inconsistency, mainly due to the brightness of LED lamps caused by attenuation. LED lamp brightness attenuation will cause the display screen brightness reduction. Red, green, blue led brightness attenuation amplitude inconsistency will cause the color of the LED display screen inconsistent, is what we often say the display of the phenomenon of flowers. The high quality LED lamp bead can control the brightness attenuation amplitude very well. 1000 hours at ambient temperature light 20mA standard, red attenuation should be less than 2%, blue, green attenuation should be less than 10%, so blue, green led in the screen design as far as possible not to use 20mA current, preferably only 70% to 80% rated current.

  Attenuation characteristics, in addition to the red, green, blue led itself, the use of current, PCB board heat dissipation design, display the use of ambient temperature and so on attenuation caused by the impact.

  Characteristics of LED lamp

  1, 4-pin RGB package, chip line arrangement;

  2, the use of black packaging substrate, improve color contrast;

  3, the product weight is light, single led weight is small to 1.0mg;

  4, can achieve full black RGB package, light loss 25%;

  5, can realize the smallest size 0.5*0.5mm RGB package;

  6, the product surface fog surface treatment, the screen glows softer;

  7, the use of silicone pressure molding technology to improve product temperature resistance, UV resistance, stress-resistant ability. The use of high-quality LED lamps fine pixel pitch LED display brightness 0~1200cd/m2 adjustable, with 160 degrees of horizontal/vertical wide angle of view, the overall screen out of control rate of one out of 10,000, with a 100,000-hour long service life, the average trouble-free working hours up to 50,000 hours , brightness uniformity is not less than 98%, chroma uniformity within the ±0.003cx,cy, with up to 99% of the light utilization, power consumption only DLP and half of the LCD, energy saving and environmental protection, easy maintenance, so outstanding performance, won the recognition of the majority of users.

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