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Dust and Waterproof IP65 Outdoor LED Signs

  Haze not only seriously endanger people's health, but also to the outdoor LED display operation will have a great impact.
  The first: The fog of the outdoor display damage. Fog is formed by condensation of water vapor in the air. In other words, the humidity in the air is relatively large, will lead to the LED display is wet.
  Humidity over the conference led to the PCB board, power supply, power cord and other devices are susceptible to oxidation corrosion, or even short-circuit, and then produce fault.
  Second: Haze on outdoor display of the harm. Haze is a floating dust in the air, a variety of small particles, such as aggregates, in which the dust particles suspended in the air is the core of haze. for a long time, under the influence of haze, all kinds of small dust in the air will be entered into the equipment by the ventilation hole, for fans and other equipment will speed up wear and tear even damage, dust will also fall on the display screen internal control device surface, so as not only reduce the screen cooling and insulation performance, but also accelerated LED display aging, affecting the normal life.
  So, how can the LED display can withstand the long-term in the haze weather test, this requires users in the procurement and maintenance of the time to pay attention to:
  1, the first in the procurement of LED display to achieve the use of the environment required by the dust level.
  In terms of dustproof, international norms for the ip0x-ip6x, is a kind of prevention of foreign body invasion of the design level, if installed in the dust and haze weather more northern areas, its front and back protection level must be achieved IP65, that is, must be used completely dustproof structure, that is, in the state of water spray airtight.
  2,  pay attention to the LED display PCB board has done anti-corrosion treatment, such as the surface of ventilation paint, etc., power and power cord is the selection of high-quality accessories, as well as to see the most vulnerable to corrosion of the screen body welding, whether the anti-rust treatment. 3, in the day-to-day maintenance process, must regularly dust, to avoid humid weather dust absorption of moisture in the air leads to short circuit, and lead to PCB board and electronic components mildew.
  FINE PIXEL LED H series dust and waterproof outdoor LED signs:
outdoor led signs

  Superb Image an Control Performance
  Virtual pixel technology. The resolution is able to increase 4 times with the same amount of LEDs. Especially for displays under 30 square meter and with perimeter displays this results in highly improved image quality.
  Supporting remote wireless and 3G/4G control management, one monitor center is able to control several LED Displays by computer.
  Economical and Power Saving Display
  We take many efforts on HD LED display, and have developed many methods to save more energy while operating. This new generation HD display is much more environmental friendly and energy-saving.
  Effective and Uniform Heat Dissipation
  Enhanced ventilation and cooling system.Maintains a consistent temperature. This increases the image quality and the life time of the display.
  IP 65 Rigid And Waterproof Cabinet Design
  The unique waterproof design is highly dust and waterproof and is able to be directly installed outdoor.Special design structure exterior with IP65.The cabinets are moisture and corrosion proof. Ready to work in all weather conditions.
  Perfect Quality and Long-Time Stability.
  High brightness enables longer viewing distance and ensures that even the spectators far away from the screen can still enjoy it. Even under direct sunlight.Suitable for placing on high buildings.Outdoor H Series can change the brightness automatically by using our multi-function card.

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