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Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor LED Displays

  Customers bought indoor LED display, after a period of time, the company has activities need to use outdoors, in order to save costs, want to change the indoor LED display screen for outdoor LED display, this is feasible? Customers with such ideas are not aware of the LED display.

  LED display manufacturers can give you a positive answer, indoor LED display for outdoor use is not advisable, for the following reasons:

  First,the brightness limit.

  Indoor LED display brightness requirements are not high, with the dynamic scanning circuit, outdoor LED display high brightness, is a static scanning circuit, the hardware difference between the two.

  Second,waterproof restrictions.

  Indoor LED display structure requires not waterproof or simple waterproof treatment, and outdoor LED screen waterproof requirements are very high, in the production of cables and boxes, such as good water treatment, so the box structure itself on the requirements are different.

  Third, viewing distance restrictions.

  Indoor LED display requirements to watch the distance near, models are generally P3, P4, P5, P6, so the area is generally small, in 15 square meters, and outdoor LED display requirements to watch the distance, the model is generally P10, P16, P20, so decided that its area is larger, generally more than 30 square. Indoor LED display and outdoor LED display because of brightness, waterproof treatment, model selection, resulting in the beginning of production, raw materials, accessories, boxes and other hardware, so bad changes, to change will only outweigh the gains, so LED display manufacturers will recommend not to casually change.

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