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Creative LED Display Guides

  LED creative display, known to its unique product modeling, unique customization, personalized, opened the LED display industry another market.

  In the current creative display field can be seen, led profiled screen is also expanding the scope of application.

  So how to enlarge the characteristics of LED creative display products, summed up can be summed up in the following points:

  1. The creative led display should conform to the building structure of the installation site. Different scenes, using different product styling and structure, but also can customize the most suitable for the scene shape. With different sizes of triangles, rectangles, arcs splicing characteristics of the shape.

  The tunnel scene uses an arc screen, the bar uses a unique DJ platform, but it is not limited to these scenes, these displays.

Creative LED Display   

2. The Creative display screen modelling as far as possible appropriate scene needs to embody the cultural theme. Creative display of the design and application of the location of the association, can enhance the brand or scene identification. For example,  Baiyun Airport case is a model.

  our creatice led display can not be combined with all cultural themes, so we also need customers in the application of the time to communicate with us, customized to meet the creative.

Creative LED Display   

3. With the creative screen modeling matching playback material. The playback material is quite diverse, but to let the creative screen display the perfect display effect, the material is very important. Display material must be in product modeling to reflect the difference between the creative screen and the regular screen. The display material and the modelling uses the same contour, the material in the modelling display scope as well as the combination other characteristic can let the creative display glow luster.

Creative LED Display

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