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Conference Small Pixel Pitch LED Display

  Small pixel pitch led display market demand soared, conference room as the primary use of Small pixel pitch led display,what are the requirements and advantages?

  First, Small pixel pitch led display application in the conference room What are the requirements?

  Small pixel pitch led display system using high-density, small pitch SMD package as a panel, through the integration of computer systems, multiple screen processing skills, signal switching skills, network skills, such as the use of a variety of processing and integration functions, complete the system needs to show the dynamic monitoring of the situation, as well as real-time from the computer, camera, DVD video and a variety of different signal source signals to show and analyze, in order to satisfy users to show a wide range of shared information and comprehensive information needs.

fine pixel pitch led display
  1 、Modular, the whole screen true "no seams."

  Especially when it is used to broadcast or to hold video conferences, characters will not be cut by stitching. the conference room environment often shown in Word, EXCEL, PPT, will not be mixed with the form divider line, and then form the content of misreading and miscalculation.

  2 、Whole screen color and brightness have a high degree of consistency and uniformity.

  Completely avoid the projection, LCD/PDP panel splicing, DLP splicing universal existence of the use of a certain time will come out of the dark corner, dark edges, and so on, especially in view of the meeting often to broadcast the analysis of charts, graphics and other content, Small pixel pitch led display  has unparalleled advantages.

  3 、Full screen brightness support from 0~1200cd/㎡ intelligent adjustment.

  Because the LED is the principle of spontaneous light, so disturbed by the ambient light and the impact is very small. According to the ambient light and shade changes, the picture more comfortable, the details of the perfect appearance.Relative, the projector, DLP mosaic display of brightness slightly lower (screen brightness 200cd/㎡-400cd/㎡), about large conference rooms or bright environment of the conference room, it is difficult to satisfy the use of demand.

  4、 support from 1000K to 10000K color tempetaure

  Meet the requirements of different areas of application, especially for some special requirements of the color of the meeting to use, such as studio, virtual simulation, video conferencing, medical manifestation and other applications.

fine pixel pitch led display
  5、 Wide angle of view

  support level 170°/straight 160° view, better satisfied with the large meeting room environment and the needs of the ladder-type meeting room environment.

  6、 High contrast, faster response speed, high refresh rate, satisfied with high speed motion picture.

  7 、ultra-thin box, and DLP splicing, projection blending comparison, save a lot of space.The device is convenient to protect and save space。

  8、 efficient cooling, no fan, no noise, give users a perfect meeting environment.In comparison, DLP, LCD, PDP splicing, the unit noise is greater than 30dB (A), more than one splicing after the noise is greater.

  9 、100,000 hours long service life, the life cycle without changing the bulb or light source, saving the operation of protection costs.

fine pixel pitch led display
  10 、support 7*24 hours uninterrupted operation.

  Second, LED display in the conference room to use what strengths?

  1、to create an increasingly comfortable, modern information conference environment.

  2 、to share respective information, make the meeting easier and smoother.

  3 、can vividly show the content of colorful.

  4 、Business Application: Display the details, focus on the eyes, drawing fast processing, etc.

  5 、can communicate and work together remotely and in real time.such as distance education, branches and head office video conferencing, the head office of the National Training and education activities.

  6、 occupy a small space, use sensitive and convenient, easy to protect.

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