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Color Uniformity High Quality LED Screen

  Cabinet correction is an effective way to improve the quality of LED Screen, its key technical aspects are mainly embodied in the following two aspects: first, the interior of the cabinet between the pixel uniformity, the second is the uniformity of the color uniformity between the cabinet.

  The interior of the cabinet inside the pixel uniformity correction and field correction are basically similar, more mature, including brightness uniformity correction and bright dark lines correction:

  1、Brightness uniformity correction through the measurement equipment to measure the LED cabinet of the LED lamp light and chroma information, its measurement involves photometric, chromaticity and digital image processing related knowledge; After obtaining the point of light chroma information and then according to the corresponding calibration criteria,

  The corresponding correction coefficient is calculated and sent to the receiving card of the corresponding cabinet; When the cabinet is lit, the display control system adjusts the current of the LED according to the correction coefficient, so that the brightness and chroma of all the LEDs in the cabinet are consistent. Brightness correction is to adjust the brightness of the fluctuation of the led to a consistent level, in the adjustment of the brightness process needs to properly reduce the maximum brightness of most LEDs. Chroma correction is based on the RGB color matching principle, by changing the RGB color coordinates to solve the problem of chroma deviation, figure 3 shows the color gamut contrast before and after correction, the large triangle is the color gamut of the screen before the correction, and the RGB three-color color coordinate discrete distribution; the small triangle is the corrected display color gamut,RGB three-color coordinates better.

  2、 due to the mechanical processing precision, assembling precision and other technical reasons, the gap between the splicing light plate is a slight inconsistency, in the human eye vision system after the Low-pass filtering process, in the display will appear bright line or dark lines.

color uniformity ultra-slim led screen
  Small pitch display because of the existing mechanical technology limitations, the general requirements of bright dark lines to be modified to significantly enhance the uniformity of the cabinet.

  2. Uniformity of color uniformity between different cabinetes There is a significant difference between the cabinet correction and the field correction, that is, the cabinet is not spliced in the correction, the lack of the surrounding area as a reference in the correction, and the need to ensure that after the correction of the cabinet arbitrary splicing and there is no difference in color. More importantly, as a bandpass filter, the human vision system is not sensitive to the details of the difference in brightness or the minimum angular resolution of a smooth gradient, but is extremely sensitive to edge step signals with medium and low frequency components. Applied to the field of LED Screen, the human eye can only distinguish between the 4-5% of the LED pixel brightness difference, but can easily identify 1% of the cabinet color difference. In other words, the human eye to the cabinet internal pixel consistency requirement is lower, and the consistency between the cabinet requirements higher.

  Therefore, the uniformity of the color uniformity between the cabinetes is the key technology of the cabinet correction.

  The color uniformity between the cabinet is mainly reflected in two aspects:

  1、The average color of the cabinet between the difference, when splicing cabinet, there will be a clear boundary line, which can be adjusted by adjusting the gamut and set the appropriate target value to achieve; If necessary, it needs to be equipped with a higher precision colorimeter to carry out the auxiliary measurement.

  2、The color distribution of the cabinet is a gradient distribution, which is caused by the gradient distribution of the data of the cabinet. Because the visual system is not sensitive to the brightness difference between low frequency and smooth gradient, this problem is difficult to be found in single cabinet correction. But when the cabinet is spliced together, the brightness of the splicing place will be larger jump, forming the obvious stitching line.

  This requires that the calibration system can detect and solve the gradient distribution problem of the measured data.

  An Affordable & High-Performance LED Screen Solution

color uniformity ultra-slim led screen

  With an endured and simple but strong design, led screen brings you a very high-quality led screen  while respecting your budget. led screen includes these high performance features:

  The cabinet is made by controlled pressing and stamping. This results in precise size. The diagonal error is not bigger than 0.2mm after the cabinets are joined together. LED signs use steel material in order to resist corrosion and abrasive resistance is guaranteed.Not a single cable is visible. All wires are grouped and covered.Compact design within the cabinet embedded modules.

  Effective And Uniform Heat Dissipation

  Heat generated by electronic components is transferred to the open air directly via the attached aluminum rear plate. This ensures the temperature of the components to be very stable. And the system can adapt to the environment very well.Special design for enhanced ventilation and cooling

  Strong and Smart Slim Cabinet Design

  Seamless design guarantees that the side of cabinet won’t be out of shape by frequent use. The display will maintain a neat appearance.Better cabinet to cabinet connection for easier connection.With fine workmanship, all cabinets are accurately fixed and installed.Unevenness of screen surface is no more than 2mm.

  Best Uniformity And Super Sharp Images

  With brightness and color correction technology, the whole screen’s uniformity reaches the highest level and offers very high graphic definition.Able to realize super sharp images.Good color mixture: Special software technology and advanced LED chip placement creates the highest quality color mixture.

  High Brightness:uses the new generation technology. With nearly 100% luminous flux we have the nature brightness available in the market today.

  Connector Reliability

  led screen uses connectors that adopt new cable technology to connect, which reduces 50% failure rate.We use crystal connector to conduct signal for cabinets, but not aviation connector. Using crystal connector to connect receiving card is more efficient.

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