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COB Technology-Small Pixel Pitch LED Display

  For cob technology small pixel pitch LED display, the current market "misunderstanding" a lot. On the one hand, many people think that this is an "expensive" technology, on the other hand, many people think that the technology is "adequate", new technology may not have much future.

  However, since 2016, cob small spacing development, especially the development of high-end market, but it shows that "technological innovation never limit"! China's high-end large screen engineering market leader, fine pixel led said that since the second half of 2016 to the market Cobsmall pixel pitch LED display more than a year, has received more than 100 high-end command and dispatch center orders.

  Cob small spacing, bear up the fine pixel led audio-visual large screen growth. China led seal testing Enterprises, since the second half of 2015 began to enter a large-scale expansion cycle. A significant portion of this new capacity is scheduled for cob packaging technology. This is not only because the cob LED display application accelerated development, including lighting applications, mobile phones and TV backlight applications, have also entered the cob of this chip-class packaging era. In the foundation of the LED Crystal element manufacturers, small particles of high brightness crystal development is increasingly rich.

  Taiwan Department Enterprises particularly value the latter's market potential, and that min-led technology will be a short-term led application incremental market one of the main direction. It can be said that the rise of COB technology is not a person's singles alone, but the whole industry chain resonance.

  From upstream chip, encapsulation to downstream applications, as well as equipment and materials manufacturers, are supporting the development of COB products.

  The overall optimistic industry chain, must imply that COB technology has its unique advantages-these advantages are also large screen market, cob products can quickly landing the key. First, the COB technology big screen is better in stability. On the one hand, COB technology is a chip-level package, led crystal particles directly contact the PCB board (whether it is installed or flip is so), which increases the usable led crystal heat conduction area, improve the heat dissipation capacity.

  At the same time, this chip-level packaging method, is "completely covered", that is, the LED crystal to wear a layer of 100% of protective armor, is conducive to moisture-proof, prevent bump. On the other hand, cob packaging technology does not require the reflow process of the table-attached LED display products. Reflow process is a high temperature welding process. And the LED crystal has temperature sensitivity. Reflow process is actually the table affixed LED products die lamp and lamp bead life of the biggest factor.

  The cob is precisely because does not need reflow process, therefore its dead light rate only has the table pastes the craft one-tenth below, the stability greatly enhances.

  "For led large screen applications, especially command and dispatch center, stable and reliable when the core needs," fine pixel led that, just this point, let Cob technology in high-end small spacing LED application market has the absolute right of speech. Secondly, the visual experience is also an important "selection point" for audiovisual engineering. Cob Small spacing technology is characterized by chip-level packaging, optical resin full coverage.

  Compared with the traditional table lamp bead, this structure has great difference in picture quality.

  The high brightness of LED screen is its advantage, but also the disadvantage of indoor application. Highlight bright light, high-frequency refreshing dizziness, light bead table stickers of the particles, so that the LED signs to face the high-end command and dispatch center of this "close, long viewing time" application, especially "easy visual fatigue." The latter is a disadvantage that many customers find difficult to accept.

  and cob small spacing technology, it can be very good to eliminate these traditional LED screen "visual experience disadvantage." COB package through the chip-level packaging, access to better video optical performance, more comfortable and soft quality, and no significant pixel particle sense, more suitable for "closer distance", "Indoor Environment Light", "longer long-term viewing" and other conditions under the application.

  For this advantage, fine pixel led with "contrasting a look will fall in love with cob" to describe, fully explained the COB product market experience advantage. "Higher stability, reliability", "better Perception and comfort" is the "real" support point for cob small spacing to be the next generation of product standards.

  However, this is not the full advantage of COB technology.

  Facing the future, COB lead the new breakthrough of  Small pixel pitch LED display since the date of birth, in the continuous compression of their point distance indicators. At present, China already has the manufacturer to launch 0.7 and 0.8 millimeter spacing products. But this product is not large-scale production and application, in the "market" encountered the limit and ceiling. The further technical development of small spacing led must depend on the progress and innovation of the basic technology.

  COB technology is the new advanced technology. First of all, cob small spacing LED technology is conducive to the minimum spacing, very large number of lamp bead conditions under the control of the bad point rate.

  SMD Table Paste Technology One-tenth of the bad point rate, to achieve higher reliability of products, high pixel density products to achieve market-oriented applications, COB technology. Second, the use of chip-level packaging technology cob technology, in essence, directly with the package instead of the "table paste technology first packaged into a lamp bead after the table paste" two-step process. As a more simplified engineering method, its cost change is more controllable under the same application scale, especially in the face of the "smaller" pixel. That is, if the P1.5 spacing products, SMD stickers can also rely on the price advantage to speak, then in P1.0 and the following spacing of products, SMD table paste comparison cob cost advantage will be reversed.

  This is the whole engineering process simplification, as well as chip-level direct large-scale packaging led crystal advantages. Third, as the future direction of LED display industry, small spacing products on smaller crystal particles is not the past proposition. LED Light-emitting technology, enough to enable smaller led crystal particles have enough brightness, lower calorific value, and to meet the needs of large screen display.

  And to integrate smaller led crystal particles, it is clear that cob packaging technology, than the "first light bead Post" Traditional engineering route more suitable. As a manufacturer, in the selection of technical routes, the future development of space is a very important factor, LED display screen to a smaller distance development, SMD technology encountered bottlenecks, and cob technology in the implementation of LED display small/micro-spacing advantage is obvious, fine pixel led to think so. 2017 Samsung strengthened the small pixel pitch LED display in the digital film screening market, Sony increased small pixel pitch LED display in the production-level film and television market promotion. The two giants, without exception, are supporters of the package-level technology such as cob. From the point of view of product development, Sony in 2012 has demonstrated based on mini-led particles, chip-level packaging, only 0.5 mm spacing LED screen products.

  China's Taiwan area led upstream industry, it is considered that the beginning of the 2018 Mini-led Products "screen-type application", including fine pixel pitch LED display, direct-LCD backlight products will enter the accelerated development phase.

  September 2017 from the Ministry of Science and Technology news: COB as the future of small spacing led development direction, by the national "Thirteen-Five" key scientific research projects-strategic advanced electronic materials? The main task of the new project is to break through the limitations of the traditional small spacing LED display technology. Cob by virtue of its significant advantages, access to international manufacturers of choice, the industry upstream recognition and government support, making cob technology is bound to be the future of small spacing LED products key development direction.

  This is why the industry called cob as small pixel pitch LED display second-generation products are the core reason. Of course, even if it is a very good technology, cob small spacing can not occupy all the market, starting from the high-end, gradual popularization, this process has been the past 6 years to paste small spacing led large screen products "road". Only, now turn to cob small spacing products, again deduce first occupy high-end after the popularization of the "market iteration" process.

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