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Attractive Large Outdoor LED Screen

  In the information age, the prosperity of the business led to the outdoor led screen, as the large outdoor LED screen gradually increased, how to attract the attention of the audience design is particularly important, then outdoor large led electronic display to design it?

  Do well in the prophase planning

  Advanced LED outdoor screen, especially when they are located in special areas of the city, historical areas or near these areas, often raise concerns about light pollution, road safety, and comfort. Therefore, you should propose relevant design plan, reduce people's worry before the project is approved and so on.It is necessary to work with the government to explain your design in similar cases to the city, and to elaborate and explain how this program conforms to the local planning policy, with particular emphasis on issues related to road safety and convenience.

outdoor led screen
  Understand customer requirements

  In the customer's request, the most important is the size and the audience, this is almost all media resources three big cornerstone.In addition, it is important to build a digital outdoor network in the age of mobile.


  The road is the blood vessel of the city, the main road is the artery of the city, the main road of the bustling commercial district is the lifeblood of advertising. Whether the visual relationship between the two sides of the lifeline is coordinated will directly affect the quality of the city image.is symmetrical, is balanced, is to seek unity or find change, roadside LED display  form processing must be based on the shape of the landscape architecture of the relationship tailored.


  Some outdoor big screen will focus on the new technology, using a variety of new technologies, new means to seize the eyes of consumers. It is undeniable that the use of new technology to attract consumers is indeed a good choice.

  However, only by relying on technology to attract consumers, may be more out of curiosity, consumers can not feel the concept and spirit of the brand. Despite the rapid advances in technology, human nature will not change. The need for mutual care between people, consumers and brands need to be considerate. If the brand can truly insight into the needs of consumers, for consumers to create a body of meticulous service, consumers will certainly use the greatest sincerity to repay the brand. This is the emotional link between the brand and the consumer.Urban outdoor advertising as an important element of urban landscape, especially to remember the "humanization."


  Outdoor advertising can be very artistic. China outdoor led screen can become the city, the region, the character of the performance of the interpretation, for people to experience perception; LED signs can become the landmark of the city, for people to find the starting point and the end of the journey, LED display can become a sculpture and lighthouse, for people to appreciate tasting, to the people.

  D series Outdoor LED Signs
outdoor led screen
  High brightness and Brightness adjustment

  Outdoor D Series has been designed with high brightness and refresh rate, the image can still keep clearly under strong sunshine , which will greatly enhance the display effects of client’s advertising.With light-sensor control system, adjust the screen brightness automatically according to the environment light, power saved and environment protection, lower cost for running.

  Economical and Power Saving Display

  We take many efforts on LED display, and have developed many methods to save more energy while operating. This new generation product is much more environmental friendly and energy saving led display.

  New low voltage constant current driving IC saves over 30% energy. Your investment will be earned back in one or two year. Save the environment and your wallet.Enhanced ventilation and cooling system.Maintains a consistent temperature. This increases the image quality and the life time of the display.

  With an operating temperature between -20C and 60C, our LED displays can be installed in any environment. They are able to operate near the sea where the temperatures can change rapidly and the air is humid and salt.

  Remote wireless transmission

  With wireless data transmission module inside, on-time GPRS/3G data release function Control.With automatic control system, can handle and publish the traffic information, brightness control, temperature adjust, monitor running status and alarm automatically, running the whole time itself.

  IP 65 Waterproof Cabinet Design

  With modular cabinet design we support several pixel densities. This makes the installation process easier. The thinner and lighter cabinet decreased the delivery and installation cost effectively.The unique waterproof design is highly dust and waterproof and is able to be directly installed outdoor.Special design structure exterior with IP65.The cabinets are moisture and corrosion proof. Ready to work in all weather conditions.

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