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7 Tips to Choose the Right LED Display Supply Power

  LED display power supply as an important part of led display system, choose a high quality and reliable power supply, energy-saving effect and life of led displays are significantly improved,how to correctly identify and choose a qualified LED display supply power for wholesale led display module? 7 tips should be considered:

led display supply power
  1, choose the LED display power supply from full load efficiency. The efficiency of the power supply is the most important indicator. The high-efficiency energy conversion rate of the power supply is high, which can not only meet the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection, but also can save energy and save money for users.

  2, observe the temperature rise during power supply operation to choose the LED display power supply. Temperature rise affects the stability and life of the power supply. The lower the temperature rise, the better the temperature rise. In addition, from the aspect of efficiency, it can be seen that the general high-temperature efficiency will be small.

  3, look at the appearance of the process to choose the LED display power supply. A good power supply manufacturer is also very strict on the workmanship process, because it can guarantee the product's batch consistency. An irresponsible manufacturer, the appearance of the power supply produced, the tin surface, and the orderliness of the components are absolutely not good.

  4, according to the application field to choose the various functions of the power supply, such as protection functions: over-voltage protection, over temperature protection, overload protection, etc.; application functions: signal function, remote control function, telemetry function, parallel function, etc.; Special function: work Due to correction (PFC), uninterrupted power (UPS).

  5, due to the properties of LED display, the current that is instantaneously changed when playing a video or a picture often imposes strict requirements on the LED power supply. Generally, in order to ensure the normal broadcast of the display screen, it is necessary to reserve a certain margin for the power supply product. In general terms, the more reserves are reserved, the more stable the performance of the power supply products is, and the longer the service life is. However, this increases the cost of the power supply product. Too much headroom is also prone to waste. At present, the industry's LED display power supply is generally reserved for 20% - 30% margin.

  6, the output voltage ripple of the constant voltage power supply is large. The size of the ripple has a very big influence on the life of the electrical equipment. The smaller the ripple, the better.

  7, in order to increase the life of the power supply, it is recommended to use more than 30% of the output power rated models. For example, if the system requires a 100W power supply, it is recommended to choose models with output power greater than 130W, and so on to effectively increase the life of the power supply.

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