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5 Kinds of LED Curtain Wall Installation

  Glass led curtain wall is a common way of building installation, which is broadly divided into: all-hidden frame glass curtain wall, semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall,exposed frame glass curtain wall, hanging frame type glass curtain wall, no skeleton glass curtain wall five types. Because each kind of glass curtain wall's construction is different, the curtain wall glass installs the way to be dissimilar, this also can affect the glass curtain wall LED display installation structure, then you know which glass curtain wall common installation?

  The LED signs supplier for everyone to do interpretation.

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  One, all hidden frame curtain wall glass installation

  All hidden frame curtain wall Glass installation method is to install the curtain wall glass fixed on the aluminum alloy frame, the upper and lower frame corresponding to the upper and lower side of the aluminum frame beam, glass on both sides of the corresponding aluminum alloy frame two vertical poles.

  Two, semi-hidden frame curtain wall glass installation

  Because the vertical hidden glass curtain wall and vertical hidden transverse glass curtain wall are known as the semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall, so this kind of semi-invisible curtain wall Glass has two kinds of installation methods.

  Vertical exposed is the installation of glass embedded in the groove fixed, laterally and then with glass glue paste reinforcement; vertical hidden transverse bright curtain wall glass to put the glass in the aluminum alloy inlay groove, and then the glass outside the stamping plate, and the aluminum alloy vertical rod hidden in the glass behind.

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  Three, the exposed frame curtain wall glass installation

  exposed frame curtain wall glass type structure regardless of the use of special aluminum alloy profiles made of the skeleton and glass frame or steel as the skeleton, the entire wall of aluminum alloy frame will be exposed outside.

  Four, hanging frame type curtain wall glass installs

  This is a column and stainless steel pendant welding installation method, is the pendant of four claws and curtain wall glass hole connected, a hole corresponding to a claw.

  Can also be said to first in the four corners of the glass drilled a hole, and then fixed the glass on the stainless steel pendant four claw.

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  Five, no skeleton curtain wall glass installation

  The glass on the skeleton wall is also called Structural glass, which is used for the first floor of the building, similar to the floor window of the building, its glass is installed in the form of hoisting, and it is a method of hanging the glass from the top by using the symmetrical hook or special profile. The operation step is to use the special profile hook to fasten in the main frame of the channel steel first, then the channel steel hangs to suspend in the plate bottom or the beam, must strengthen the glass rigidity also may add the support frame or the horizontal file in the glass upper and lower.

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