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4 Methods to Remove LED Curtain Screen Problem

  LED Curtain wall screen is the construction of the city body building lighting Project Common decorative materials, the shape of the hollow strip, with better light transmission, ventilation and lighting effects, but also body building wall decoration high-end display products, so LED strip screen can also be called led hollow screen, led curtain wall screen.

led strip display
  Let the led curtain screen manufacturers to introduce the LED curtain wall screen fault four kinds of detection methods.

  1, LED curtain wall screen short circuit detection method

  Short circuit fault is a common problem in the building decoration lighting project of the curtain wall LED light bar. Universal detection method is equipped with alarm function of the multiple table set to short-circuit detection mode, and then check the LED curtain wall lights have no line short circuit problems, if so, should be resolved as soon as possible, or the use of connector pins and IC pin method detection, This kind of LED curtain wall screen voltage detection method is simple and efficient.

  Note that no matter which of the above methods, should be in the case of power outages, so as to avoid the use of multiple tables caused damage.

  2, LED curtain wall screen voltage detection method

  To detect the voltage of the curtain wall LED screen can be used to set the lamp bar screen more than the table into the voltage file, and then the circuit may be faulty detection, the final value and normal voltage contrast, so that led glass curtain wall screen fault range.

  3, LED curtain wall screen detection resistance method

  Similarly, led curtain wall light bar screen resistance detection is the first to borrow more tables, the measuring instrument is set up to detect the resistance, the method is to first check the normal circuit board from a point to the ground resistance value, and then take the same circuit board any point to detect, will be derived from the value of the normal resistance and contrast,To judge the light bar led curtain wall screen resistance fault range.

  4, LED curtain wall screen diode pressure drop detection method

  The principle of pressure drop detection for light stripe diode is to set the multi-table to detect the pressure drop file, because of the LED light bar of the integrated circuit is composed of a number of small single components, so when the chip internal circuit wiring and peripheral circuits have current through, the PIN will appear voltage drop, usually the same type of integrated circuit pin voltage drop consistent, We can judge the quality of the diode pressure drop of the transparent LED display. Note that the above operation must be done in the case of electrical power failure.

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