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4 * 5 20 Square LED Screen Heat Dissipation

  High temperature, LED screen in the work, will produce a lot of heat, if not timely cooling, the LED screen may be stable and life has a great impact, how to solve the problem of cooling, LED screen manufacturers to share some knowledge for you.

outdoor led display screen

  We take the 20-square LED screen cooling as an example:

  1, Guangdong, north of the place, 20 square LED screen is recommended not to use air-conditioning, if conditions permit, the use of two small fan is enough.

  2, some southern cities: Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Wuhan, Chongqing and other places need to install two Typhoon machine is enough, fan diameter of about 500mm can be, according to the size of the installation space to decide.

  3, if the LED screen installation method is to use the column, it is best to use the fan to heat dissipation, fan mounted on the back of the large screen aluminum-plastic board, preferably up to the form of blinds in order to rain when the rain does not enter the display inside.

  If it is a double column, in the middle of the double column open a few blinds, this is the window is the air inlet, the above fan is the exhaust port, so as to form a complete air convection so that the cooling effect better.

outdoor led display screen

  4, if the LED screen installation location is against the wall of the place, look at the LED screen from the wall how much, if a meter away from the wall of the position, according to the size of the selection of fans, fan installation location on the side of the screen in turn. If the 80 square P16 outdoor LED screen, it is necessary to choose 6 units diameter of about 600mm axial fan. In particular, it is to ensure that the blower is pumped out of the air, and equipped with a protective net to prevent the technician in the maintenance of the display screen when the clothing sucked into the personal injury.

  In addition, the outside of the aluminum-plastic panels on the fan out of the tuyere installed aluminum alloy blinds, can achieve waterproof effect. Wall-mounted LED screen can also be installed air-conditioning, to ensure that the host has a bit of air-conditioning, does not affect the overall appearance of the wall. The choice of air-conditioning is required, the most commonly used is 1.5P, 2P and 3P of air conditioners most, North City 12 square 1P air conditioning calculation; the South City uses 9 square 1P air conditioning calculation.Note that the LED screen cooling air conditioning to frequency conversion air conditioning.

  Full color LED screen screen maintenance program, a good cooling measures, the second is to use should avoid improper operation. It is generally recommended that you configure a fan or air conditioner to enhance the cooling function.

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