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P4 indoor led display
  • P4 indoor led display
  • P4 indoor led display
  • P4 indoor led display
P4 indoor led display P4 indoor led display P4 indoor led display

P4 Indoor LED Display

Pixel pitch: 4.0 mm

Pixel configuration: SMD

Brightness: ≥800 nits

Refresh rate: ≥800Hz

Panel dimension: 512×512×85 mm

Product Details

Indoor LED displays are widely used as video walls, such as, meeting room, movie theaters and advertisement. These LED displays are of very high quality and have a higher resolution than outdoor LED displays. This is also a trend that is extending to the outdoor market, because it is a higher viewing angle and a sharp image that can be seen from a shorter distance.X Series Indoor display is a very high quality and affordable solution for your indoor LED display needs.

An Affordable & High-Performance LED Display Solution

With an endured and simple but strong design, X Series Indoor Display brings you a very high-quality indoor LED display while respecting your budget. X Series display includes these high performance features:

Strong and Smart Slim Cabinet Design

Seamless design guarantees that the side of cabinet won’t be out of shape by frequent use. The display will maintain a neat appearance.Better cabinet to cabinet connection for easier connection.With fine workmanship, all cabinets are accurately fixed and installed.Unevenness of screen surface is no more than 2mm.

The cabinet is made by controlled pressing and stamping. This results in precise size. The diagonal error is not bigger than 0.2mm after the cabinets are joined together. LED signs use steel material in order to resist corrosion and abrasive resistance is guaranteed.Not a single cable is visible. All wires are grouped and covered.Compact design within the cabinet embedded modules.

Best Uniformity And Super Sharp Images

With brightness and color correction technology, the whole screen’s uniformity reaches the highest level and offers very high graphic definition.Able to realize super sharp images.Good color mixture: Special software technology and advanced LED chip placement creates the highest quality color mixture.

High Brightness:uses the new generation technology. With nearly 100% luminous flux we have the nature brightness available in the market today.

Effective And Uniform Heat Dissipation

Heat generated by electronic components is transferred to the open air directly via the attached aluminum rear plate. This ensures the temperature of the components to be very stable. And the system can adapt to the environment very well.Special design for enhanced ventilation and cooling

Connector Reliability

X Series uses connectors that adopt new cable technology to connect, which reduces 50% failure rate.We use crystal connector to conduct signal for cabinets, but not aviation connector. Using crystal connector to connect receiving card is more efficient.

Key benefits

Excellent image quality, wide viewing angles

Slim cabinet design

Minimum installation costs

Connector reliability

Easy front AND back access

effective and uniform heat dissipation


Pixel Configuration SMD2020
Pixel pitch 4
Pixel density (dots/m2) 62500
Cabinet size ( mm ) 512( W ) × 512 ( H ) × 85 ( D )
Cabinet weight (kg ) 8
White Balance Brightness   (nits ) ≥ 800
Color Temperature (K) 6000-8000 adjustable
Viewing Angle (Horizontal / Vertical) 120/120
Brightness / chromaticity uniformity ≥97%
Contrast 4000 : 1
Peak power consumption (W / m2) 650
Average power consumption (W / m2) 220
Power supply requirements AC90 ~ 264V, frequency frequency 47-63Hz)
Drive mode Constant current drive, 1/16 scan
Grayscale level 65536
Refresh rate (Hz) ≥ 800
Number of color processing bits 14bit
Video playback capabilities 2K HD , 4K HD


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