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P10 outdoor stadium led display
  • P10 outdoor stadium led display
  • P10 outdoor stadium led display
  • P10 outdoor stadium led display
P10 outdoor stadium led display P10 outdoor stadium led display P10 outdoor stadium led display

P16 Stadium LED Display

Pixel pitch: 16.0 mm

Pixel configuration: DIP

Brightness: ≥7500 nits

Refresh rate: ≥1920Hz

Panel dimension: 960×960×150 mm

Product Details

Outdoor S Series will help you entertain fans and increase sponsorship revenue.We offers LED display options designed specifically for use in sports complexes, gyms and stadiums. Crowd-pleasing features like wide viewing angles, a rapid refresh rate and software options for scoring and instant replay combine to create an exciting atmosphere for any seat in the house. Outdoor S Series are fully customizable in size and viewing resolution.Outdoor S Series includes these high performance features:

High brightness and refresh rate

Outdoor S Series has been designed with high brightness and refresh rate, the image can still keep clearly under strong sunshine , which will greatly enhance the display effects of client’s advertising.

Signal and power double backup

Outdoor S Series has been equipped with double signal and power, in case some faults happened to one signal and power, the spare one is also able to maintain the display to work well.

Cable groove design

It will make the cabinet looks more beautiful to connect with cables through the cable groove.

IP65 waterproof design

The Waterproof IP rate for Outdoor S Series is IP65 that can keep the live match broadcasting continue normally though in the rain.

Fast maintenance

Outdoor S Series can be back maintained,the excellent design such as modules fast release,supporting foot fast release power cabinet fast release,can greatly improve the installation and maintenance efficiency.

Emergency door design

Outdoor S Series has been designed with emergency door, it can be disassembled rapidly under the sudden situation.

Anti-rush design

Outdoor S Series has adopted Aluminum finish, the cover material was processed by specific crafts. As you can see, there were EVA foam in the top preventing display from impacts ,the cabinet can resist rush well.


Pixel Configuration DIP346
Pixel pitch 16
Pixel density (dots/m2) 3906
Cabinet size ( mm ) 960( W ) × 960 ( H ) × 150 ( D )
Cabinet weight (kg ) 48
White Balance Brightness   (nits ) ≥ 7500( color temperature   6500K )
Color Temperature (K) 3200-9300 adjustable
Viewing Angle (Horizontal / Vertical) 120/50
Brightness / chromaticity uniformity ≥97%
Contrast 4000 : 1
Peak power consumption (W / m2) 750
Average power consumption (W / m2) 250
Power supply requirements AC90 ~ 264V, frequency frequency 47-63Hz)
Drive mode Static
Grayscale level 65536
Refresh rate (Hz) ≥ 1920
Number of color processing bits 14bit
Video playback capabilities 2K HD , 4K HD


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