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P10 outdoor led display screen
  • P10 outdoor led display screen
  • P10 outdoor led display screen
  • P10 outdoor led display screen
P10 outdoor led display screen P10 outdoor led display screen P10 outdoor led display screen

P10 Outdoor LED Display

Pixel Pitch: 10.0mm

Brightness: ≥7500nits


Pixel Configuration:DIP


Product Details

Outdoor D Series is a kind of High-Brightness Outdoor Video Displays available in 10 , 16 and 20 millimeter pitches for high-brightness environments. If your outdoor LED video display is to be viewed from a further distance, the Outdoor D Series provides exceptional value while delivering a vivid, bright and consistent image. Highly scalable and front serviceable, the Outdoor D Series' efficient design reduces construction and operation costs. Its highly reliable, weather-resistant design delivers 24x7 run-time in a wide range of environments.

Installed in some of the popular and highly-visible public venues, the Outdoor D Series can be constructed into very large video displays. The rugged yet precise LED cabinet design allows for years of uninterrupted operation and is suited for easy maintenance - including front LED display removal and replacement.

The Outdoor D Series offers stunning image quality with seamless tiling and highly saturated colors. With up to 6,500 nits of brightness and a full weather-rated design, the Outdoor D Series stands up to the brightness, heat and cold elements common to most demanding outdoor environments, while delivering the image quality expected by some of the most demanding viewers.

Available in 10,16mm an 20mm pitches, the Outdoor D Series covers the range of outdoor, fixed installation requirements.

High brightness and Brightness adjustment

Outdoor D Series has been designed with high brightness and refresh rate, the image can still keep clearly under strong sunshine , which will greatly enhance the display effects of client’s advertising.With light-sensor control system, adjust the screen brightness automatically according to the environment light, power saved and environment protection, lower cost for running.

Remote wireless transmission

With wireless data transmission module inside, on-time GPRS/3G data release function Control.With automatic control system, can handle and publish the traffic information, brightness control, temperature adjust, monitor running status and alarm automatically, running the whole time itself.

IP 65 Waterproof Cabinet Design

With modular cabinet design we support several pixel densities. This makes the installation process easier. The thinner and lighter cabinet decreased the delivery and installation cost effectively.The unique waterproof design is highly dust and waterproof and is able to be directly installed outdoor.Special design structure exterior with IP65.The cabinets are moisture and corrosion proof. Ready to work in all weather conditions.

Economical and Power Saving Display

We take many efforts on LED display, and have developed many methods to save more energy while operating. This new generation display is much more environmental friendly and energy-saving.

New low voltage constant current driving IC saves over 30% energy. Your investment will be earned back in one or two year. Save the environment and your wallet.Enhanced ventilation and cooling system.Maintains a consistent temperature. This increases the image quality and the life time of the display.

With an operating temperature between -20C and 60C, our LED displays can be installed in any environment. They are able to operate near the sea where the temperatures can change rapidly and the air is humid and salt.


Pixel Configuration DIP346
Pixel pitch 10mm
Pixel density (dots/m2) 10000
Cabinet size ( mm ) 960( W ) × 960 ( H ) 
Cabinet weight (kg ) 48(Iron)/33(Aluminum)
White Balance Brightness   (nits ) ≥ 7500
Color Temperature (K) 6000-8000 adjustable
Viewing Angle (Horizontal / Vertical) 110/55
Brightness / chromaticity uniformity ≥97%
Contrast 4000 : 1
Peak power consumption (W / m2) 580
Average power consumption (W / m2) 230
Power supply requirements AC90 ~ 264V, frequency frequency 47-63Hz)
Drive mode 1/8scan,1/4scan
Grayscale level 65536
Refresh rate (Hz) ≥ 1920
Number of color processing bits 14bit
Video playback capabilities 2k HD , HD



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