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  If you're a retailer or distributor of led signs, have you considered becoming an LED sales partner with us? It could be just the thing to give your led signs wholesale business the boost it needs!
  We  can help you grow your led display signs business by providing you with the best China manufacturer LED displays available on the market today.
wholesale outdoor and indoor led signs suppliers

  Here are five reasons you should consider becoming an LED signs partner with us!
  Based, Headquartered, and Manufactured in China: Like many other businesses, we fully believe in reshoring as a path to success for enterprises today: Made in China with China labor.
  Serious training options: We know that there's more to selling LED displays than just a credit card transaction. You need to stay on top of the industry and new technologies to provide the best experience to your customers. Our LED sales partners enjoy hands-on training directly at our plant, as well as continuing series of website, lectures, and other remote training to keep you at the top of led display indusrty.
wholesale outdoor and indoor led signs suppliers

  The highest-quality led signs available: Many customers don't trust "cheap" electronics and with good reason. They know they're getting what they pay for, especially if it was assembled overseas. Our LED displays come with a patented sealed-case design to protect it from the elements, and are assembled from the best parts we can source. There are no substandard PCBs or LED elements in our signs.
  Share our marketing expertise: When you partner with us, you don't just get the best LED signs on the market. You get access to our full range of led signs marketing strategy, as well as marketing advice targeted directly at your sales and growth goals. We're not going to leave you in the lurch after you purchase. We'll give you the assistance you need to how to sell LED displays.
  Industry-leading support: our customer support lines are available 24/7. Our products come backed with a two-year guarantee. If you or your customers have an issue, we will stand behind you and make sure it's resolved.
wholesale outdoor and indoor led signs suppliers

  At the end of the day, we're both here for the same reason: to sell great LED displays. When you partner with us, you're getting a great product and all the support you need to move it.
  If being an LED signs supplier partner with us sounds like the right move, let us know and we'll start building a partnership that grows your business.

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