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What is SMD LED Display Screen

  What is SMD 3 in 1 technology,what is the SMD LED display advantages and disadvantages?
SMD led display   

  1,What is SMD?
  What is SMD? It is the Surface mounted devices, meaning: Surface mount device, it is one of SMT (Surface Mount Technology) components. "In the initial stage of electronic circuit board production, the hole assembly is completely done by manual." After the first batch of automated machines are launched, they can place simple pin elements, but complex components still need to be manually placed to perform wave soldering. The surface mount element was launched about 20 years ago and has created a new era. From integrated circuits to surface mount devices (SMD) and can be assembled by picking and placing devices. For a long time, it was thought that all pin components could end up with SMD encapsulation.SMD is widely used in LED display.
  3 in 1 is a SMD LED display technology, refers to the RGB three different colors of the LED chip packaging SMT lamp in accordance with a certain amount of space encapsulated in the same glue.
  2,3 in 1 SMD LED display advantages and disadvantages
  The use of 3 in 1 SMD full color p6 outdoor LED Display screen view of the larger, and the surface can do light diffuse reflection processing, the results are not granular, good color uniformity. In terms of color, the 3 in 1 full-color separation is easier to spell, and the color saturation is high. And the 3 in 1 is to use the entire surface to glow so that the overall color of the whole is more uniform. And the overall flatness of the 3 in 1 is easier to control. It has been the standard technology used in high definition LED display.  But because of the complex manufacturing process, maintenance difficulties, resulting in very high cost, generally used for high-end LED display.

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