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Transparent led Display

Transparent LED screens can be installed at a price of $100 per square feet to start with. If you explore more, you will be able to find wholesale suppliers who can offer you comparative rates.

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  Both indoor and outdoor LED led display boards have proved to be a cost effective and efficient medium to reach out to viewers especially in corporate buildings, offices, big schools, stadiums, arena, retail stores, shopping centers, hotels, airports, showrooms etc.

  These transparent LED screen have been useful to make announcements of upcoming events, dates, messages, change of schedule, enhance aesthetic appeal of the building, promo offers, light up the space with engaging animations and scrolling marquee. All this is offered with transparent LED screen without hindering the view behind the screen.

  Transparent LED screens can be installed at a price of $100 per square feet to start with. If you explore more, you will be able to find China led screen suppliers who can offer you comparative rates. The transparency level offered by these LED screens is from 60% to 90%.

  When transparent LED screens are programmed together, they can be used to create a wall or a barricade such as the ones you might see in stadiums to create a parameter. Moreover, since many of the buildings have glass walls, these LED display screens can seamlessly blend with the color of the building front and used for displaying content.

  Transparent glass screens combined with LED technology are capable of providing quality display service at an affordable price. Usage, maintenance and support services are available for these display solutions making them an ideal display solution.

  Outdoor transparent LED screens work equally effectively irrespective of brightness, darkness or weather conditions making them the best choice for outdoor display. Whether you want to inform, advertise or display, transparent LED solutions are an affordable choice.

  Transparent LED displays are better than traditional display advertising mediums such as posters and banners. Their advantages far outweigh those of the traditional mediums.

  First, they offer far better visibility. Then, the content can be changed remotely with the help of programming and internet connectivity. Moreover, they do not need to be replaced frequently. In addition, if you are looking for solutions that allow rear visibility, transparent LED solutions is the answer.

  Transparent LED screens have strong frame and heat resistant parts allowing it to withstand harsh weather and temperature conditions. With color options, they offer flexibility and affordability to all budget groups. They are available in single color, three color or multi-color display. They can be installed as flat screen, curved or cylindrical screens.

  Transparent LED displays can be installed as LED poster display screens and curtains also. If you are planning to renovate your office or workplace or attract attention of passersby, this is an excellent option. They can be installed on wall or hung vertically without any extra support and can be used to display content hard to ignore. So, you can effectively use these as decorative just like your regular posters but with a latest and trendy style statement.

  The per square meter weight of these LED screens is not more than 10 kg making them an ideal display solution that is easily to install, shift and remove. With high contrast ratio, fast image switchover, wider color spectrum and anti-glare feature, these transparent LED screens are suitable for both corporate and retail use as such for shop walls and glass doors. With customized cabinet sizes, it can be made to fit any wall, window or cabinet, or part of a shop wall without adding a single inch of extra equipment to the area.

  Bring your advertising or infomercial campaign to life with these trendy and stylish transparent LED screens, transparent LED display boards, transparent LED curtains, and transparent LED screen posters.
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