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Programmable LED Signs:Programmable led message board

  Programmable LED Signs are led signs that you can program with your messages, and if you like,change any time. Programmable LED Signs are durable, lightweight and easy to program. They are highly visible, of course, can be customized with a variety of messages. Our outdoor programmable signs come with either a simple remote control or computer software with a wireless option.

  We have different pixel pitch for indoor, outdoor use and window displays in a variety of sizes and colors. They can be use in storefront windows, retail, churches, schools, restaurants, financial institutions and factories. By constantly changing your advertising message, customers are informed that you regularly update your business and are in line with whatever trend is occurring in the market.

  Benefits of Indoor and Outdoor LED Signs:

Programmable LED Signs

  Drawing Attention: Programmable LED signs really catch the eye with the bright colors, scrolling messages and animations.

  Significance: Signs are a huge factor of a business's overall marketing strategy. The visibility of 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, make its effect continuous and more cost effective than other advertising.

  Promotions and Discounts: Programmable messages allows you to promote your discounts or sales. It entices people to stop in on impulse and make a purchase. Communicate real-time information, send safety messages, post productivity, promote company events, announce anniversaries, birthdays or major achievements which supports team building and morale boosting among employees.

  Brand Promise: These signs help you introduce and reinforce your business's brand with constant exposure. This increases the chance that they will come to your business when they need what you offer.

Programmable LED Signs

  Why choose finepixelled

  We provide solutions for LED Signs. High-quality led signs guarantees and perfect services have won praises from our customers at home and abroad. LED Signs and modules are exported to worldwide. At the same time, we provide high-quality, high-performance LED Signs wholesale and large-scale full-color display solutions.

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