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P10 LED Display Module Wholesale-SMD3535-320mm*320mm

p10 led display module
p10 led display module standard design, specific series, combined structure,dark black and durable: It is special formulated with module plastic materia with deep black; it is strong and durable and its contrast is higher than conventional products, strong and durable.  p10 led display module
p10 led display module are in standard and uniform size:320*320mm,p10 led display module can be replaced parts of the general modules will be easy and convenient. We offer the service of replacing the old modules with the new ones directly.

P10 led display module Specification:

Pixel Configuration SMD3535
Pixel Color 1R1G1B
Pixel pitch 10mm
Resolution rate 32*32
Module size ( mm ) 320mm*320mm*28mm
Working voltage (v ) DC5v
Module Power  (w ) 59.5
Driving IC MBI5124
Driving way 1/2

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