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Outdoor School Marquee Signs

  Each school is upgrading its digital level and using the latest display technology to enhance the reputation of school brand. school marquee is a very popular and efficient media tool,which not only makes schools more modern, but also enhances the communicate  with teachers and students,school led signs can play a variety of information:

  Academic Testing  Reminders

  In order to examine the progress and level of students' study,Academic test are inevitable. Although it may make students feel a little worry, but you can use digital led sign to post the test time and warmly remind students that they are trying to review their homework. As long as the students remember the importance of date, after reviewing, the students will respond calmly and achieve good results.

  Holiday Celebrations

  Holidays are a special time for both students and teachers,you can share this happy moment, announce the holiday time, wish the students and teachers a happy holiday and remind the students of holiday safety information by led display,It is really a good way to celebrate throughout the school.

  school marquee

  Information Notifications

  Every year,school will hold a variety of activities,How can we improve student participation, share the fun of event and release event information in time? School digital led marquee sign is a great tool to make it better,administrators can post the following information:

  Football games

  Basketball game  

  Academic conference




  School sports meeting

  LED digital school marquee signs are easy, effective tool to publicize school daily life,happy life is filled with moments that deserve to be celebrated,led marquee sign can display these messages:

  Student achievements-Hard-working students deserve praise, and students' achievements are worthy of recognition.

  Employee reward -You are the best, you do well, we follow you as an example

  Your led digital school marquee sign is the perfect tool to tell everybody about your students' and teachers' amazing achievements.

  School holiday Dates

  Whether it's summer vacation or winter vacation and  regular festivals, students will not to come to class. Everyday busy parents may not know these days. The digital led signs can be used to post holiday time in advance, so that students and parents can easily know these days so that they can plan well. Reduce school staff question and improve efficiency.

  Do you know the benefits of school marquee signs? If you are looking for outdoor led signs supplier,contact us today!

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