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Outdoor Digital School Marquee Signs

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School Marquee Signs

School marquee signs are very convenient for parents and students alike. They serve as great information source and reminder.

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  Outdoor digital billboards have proved to be a cost effective and efficient medium to reach out to wards and their guardians. Outdoor areas especially of schools have also found display signboards to be of immense help in reaching out to student and sharing announcements.

  LED signboards have been useful for outdoor advertising in schools to announce timing change, holidays, change of schedule, upcoming events, important dates and other announcements.

  On regular days, the digital marquee can be used to show date and time. These are highly visible even to parents and guardians who drop and pick their wards on a regular basis.

  School marquee signs combined with LED technology are capable of providing quality display service at an affordable price. Usage, maintenance and support services are available for school electronic marquee signs making them an ideal display solution.

  Outdoor digital marquee signs works in the same way irrespective of brightness, darkness or weather conditions touting them the best choice for outdoor display.

school marquee signs

  School digital signs cost are better than traditional display advertising mediums such as posters and banners. However, their benefits far outweigh those of the traditional mediums. First, they offer far better visibility. Then, the content can be changed with little effort. Moreover, they do not need to be replaced frequently and draw very little power.

  School marquee signs are very convenient for parents and students alike. They serve as great information source and reminder. With visual appeal in mono or multi colors, they are hard to ignore. These traits make these outdoor marquee signs a worthy investment.

  Digital marquee signboards have strong frame and heat resistant parts allowing it to withstand harsh weather and temperature conditions. With color options, they offer flexibility and affordability to all budget groups. They are available in single color, three color or multi-color display. Screen resolution on these school signboards varies from basic to high resolution. It is advisable to go for higher resolutions if budget permits as it would be a wiser investment in the long term.

  Price for outdoor school digital marquee signs ranges from $1000 to $30,000 generally. Buyers can opt for standard sizes or regular shapes like square, rectangle or circle. Nevertheless, if you need other styles and shape, you can get a digital signboard custom build for your school at an affordable price.

  If you intend to invest in electronic marquee signs for school long-term opt for better resolution, more colors and bigger sizes. Pick a led screen supplier that offers warranty on their digital signboard. If you intend to make a substantial investment on your outdoor digital marquee display board, you can purchase extended warranty as well.

  Before the actual display, select the school digital signboard content after careful consideration so that the space get utilized efficiently. One can choose images, tag lines, catchy content to attract attention. Also, try different font combinations to see which one fits best. Font size would depend on the viewing distance. Font style can also have a great impact in how your display message are perceived. Larger font size would definitely have better visibility from a distance for all groups.

  Before installation of your digital marquee sign outside school, decide the height at which the marquee signboard is to be installed. The factors that decide the height of the signboard include audience type (children or adults), is it blocking any view, does it look good from a viewing angle and so on.

  In a nutshell, digital marquee signs for schools are in vogue these days. Besides being technologically advanced, they are also an affordable long-term investment for advertising and message broadcast. Digital signboards are necessary for any school with a large student base and one that is on a busy street.



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