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Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display

  With the development of LED display technology, indoor narrow pixel pitch led display has gradually replaced the traditional indoor display equipment such as DLP and LCD by its seamless connection, high refresh, high gray, ultra-high definition,low brightness,long life and many other advantages. Recently, P1.5 and P2 narrow pixel pitch led screens made by FINE PIXEL LED are running in a China famous conference hall.
  The HD led display adopt high precision die-cast aluminum cabinet with fast locks, In addition, the led cabinets can be corrected from four directions: front, rear, left and right to properly spliced,no lines and perfect seamless connection.
  Narrow Pixel Pitch Characteristics
  As well known, it needs extremely high quality of led screen for conference center. In order to ensure the clear image and low brightness, FINE PIXEL LED IU series narrow pixel pitch led display has a powerful technology,which can make the refresh rate to reach 3600 Hz,support decoding fast response,clear and smooth, 160°wide viewing angle and no color difference,you will get the best visual experience.
  Narrow Pixel Pitch Model
  FINE PIXEL LED narrow pixel pitch series has 1.27mm, 1.58mm and 1.9mm pitch,16:9 golden ratio led cabinet structure, Between the cabinet and cabinet, PCB and bottom shells are positioned by the positioning to ensure the accuracy of led screen. The led module and cabinet integrally connected can reach zero gap stitching, FULL HD, 2K, 4K, 8K resolution.
  Narrow Pixel Pitch Technology
  FINE PIXEL LED narrow pixel pitch series adopt signal hidden input,structure simplification, In addition, all the calibration parameters of led module are automatically loaded,no second correction,which can archive fast installation,In addition, the bottom of led cabinet has a heat-conducting layer ,which can be quickly transmitted through the back of the cabinet to ensure the safety and stability of led screen.
  FINE PIXEL LED is one of top China LED screen manufacturer that develop small pitch led display. We have done many successful project,such as:Beijing Airport,Shanghai government conference and National Power Center,if you are looking for HD indoor led display solutions and quote,please contact us today!

  narrow pixel pitch led display
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