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LED Wall:Outdoor LED Screen Near Seaside

  How to choose high-quality LED display screen? before buying the led display screen, in addition to considering the LED screen quality, good service, installation environment is also an important factor to be consided, such as the seaside and the riverside and other humid environments,LED screen suppliers share the following points for you to choose LED screens in a humid environment:

outdoor led display screen
  1, wind force

  Excessive wind power is most directly related to the installation of outdoor LED full-color displays. Therefore, before installing led screen, do a good job analysis and fully consider the factors of the wind.

  2, waterproof

  Most of the general waterproofing is mainly to consider rainwater, and the special environment such as the seaside or riverside should be considered more comprehensive waterproof, waterproof measures from all directions, where the protection level is not less than IP65.

  3, ultraviolet rays

  The strong ultraviolet ray may cause the surface of the LED screen to be aged, reduce its lifespan, choose the outstanding material while making the mask and help to resist the harm that ultraviolet ray causes.

outdoor led display screen

  4, viewing angle

  In the coastal environment, usually the viewing angle is more width. When choosing led screen, it is necessary to fully consider  audience and determine the requirements for the viewing angle of the display.

  5, humidity

  Excessive humidity causes PCBs, power supplies, and power lines of full-color LED displays to be oxidized and corroded, resulting in malfunction. So this requires LED display manufacturers in the production of display screens, PCB board do a good job of anti-corrosion treatment, such as the surface coated with three yellow paint, power and power lines to use high-quality accessories, welding is the most vulnerable to corrosion , we must pay attention to doing a good job of protection, especially the framework is proposed, easy to rust, it is best to do a good job of anti-rust treatment.

  LED screen suppliers,such as we can customize led sacreen according to your needs, in a variety of special circumstances, have a good performance, we have thousands of cases in the industry, the above is the special environment in the seaside or riverside, choose outdoor LED full color display need to consider factor.

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