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LED Video Wall:P2 LED Display Panel

  LED module is an important part of the P2 LED display panel, if the LED module has a problem, it will directly affect the P2 LED display screen quality! Therefore, how to identify the quality of the LED module is very important, the following is a common method for LED display manufacturers to judge the quality. When you purchase a P2 led display, you can also consider it!

  First, the material

  1. P2 LED display panel

  Some P2 LED display manufacturers use low-cost flame-retardant paper boards or single-sided fiberboards as the LED circuit board for low-price competition. Because all fiberglass PCB board is expensive. The difference cannot be seen at the beginning. Under normal circumstances, it will break due to moisture, UV damage, oxidation, etc. in one year, resulting in the scrapping of the entire LED cell board. High-quality LED displays must use double-sided glass fiber PCBs, which are cost-effective but guaranteed.

  2. Lamp beads and chips:

  The naked eye can't tell whether the lamp is good or bad. Can only rely on long-term tests, that is, experts say aging test. The general full-color LED display manufacturer's approach is: power before leaving the factory, check whether the LED display can work normally, it will not go through a long time aging test. Because there are time costs and labor costs.

  3. IC device

  Observe the consistency of the brand of IC device used. What type of IC, and how many ICs are used, are also enough to affect the quality of the P2 LED display. Some LED display manufacturers, in order to save costs, will deliberately reduce the number of ICs when manufacturing cell boards, or intermingle with other brands of ICs.

  Second, the quality of welding

  Check whether the components of the patch are missing or misprinted, and whether there are any short-circuits on the component pins. Check whether the straight solder joints are smooth and round, whether the board surface is clean and tidy, and whether there is no false solder leakage soldering. Check the consistency of the insert flatness and the ink color of the LED display LED dot matrix.

  Third, power test

  1 power test consistency of the luminous lattice;

  2 Power test is effective to protect the line drive tube CEM4953;

  3 power test signal transmission capability.

p2 led display
  LED video wall manufacturer provide high quality p2 led screen:

  16:9 Aspect Ratio for Popular Resolutions

  With a perfect screen ratio of 16:9, Fine Pixel Pitch Series HD LED display could be easily connected in consistent with frequently-used video proportion of 4:3 or 16:9,

  Support for Front Installation and Maintenance

  Module, power supply, receiving card,conversion card, and cables between panels could all be maintained from the front. Additionally, the specially-designed panel could be installed from front as well, which makes it more adaptive to the condition with narrow space.

  Support for gap minitrim

  The low-cost connecting mechanism could eliminate dark or bright lines between panels effectively and cause no worry of assembly efficiency for the engineers any more.

  Compact, Reliable and Easy to Service

  Fine Pixel Pitch Series display includes two standard HDMI input and loop-output pairs, meeting HDCP compliance and redundancy needs. The Fine Pixel Pitch Series LED displays are available with single or dual power supplies, with the dual power supply options adding a level of redundancy.

  Comprehensive Image Control Capabilities

  For LED video wall image control, Fine Pixel Pitch Series uses LED Control Software for image set-up and adjustment. The Windows-based software communicates to the video wall via LAN, enabling set-up and control of parameters like brightness, RGB color space and gamma gray scale.
p2 led display
Tips:More p2 led screen or fine pixel pitch led display detailed specification

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