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Indoor led video wall

LED video wall solutions can be offered from $1200 for 2x2 mounting kit to start with and go up to $40,000 for bigger walls.

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  LED technology has swept the advertising industry globally. From delivering powerful messages to creating larger than life impact on our eyes, futuristic, high technology LED display solutions come in wide variety of options and customizable solutions. Therefore, it is difficult to ascertain the price of LED video wall if you are planning to use one for your advertising needs.

  However, with increasing usage the prices of LED video wall installations have dropped drastically. This has made them popular and affordable for small businesses as well.

  The factors that determine the cost of an LED video wall is its size (single screen or tiled array), pixel pitch, the quality of the LED hardware used content management software, and other features like single display/ multi display, choice of indoor or outdoor display etc.

  You can either visit a LED video wall supplier directly or get a quote for your LED video wall display needs online. You can use a free LED video wall price calculator available online from many brands. LED screen calculators will help you get an assessment of the costing for LED video wall and enable you to choose a provider after comparison who fits your budget.

  You can use full HD resolution or ultra-high-resolution up to 4k for your LED video wall. Higher resolution offers more clarity and smooth transition between animations. The pixel pitch will vary accordingly to the viewing distance and will affect the cost of the video wall as well.

  Ideally, LED video wall solutions can be offered from $1200 for 2x2 mounting kit to start with and go up to $40,000 for bigger walls. As a thumb rule, bigger sized video walls are likely to cost more as the price goes up with the size of the LED video wall. Same principle applies with the resolution of the screen. The higher the resolution (pixel pitch), the higher the price of the video wall will be.

  LED video tile arrays can cost more but attract a lot of attention. These video tile arrays need not be rectangular or square always, but can be in other shapes to create an artistic appeal. It depends on your budget and supplier team to get the best video experience from your budget. Besides, tile arrays, these days curved LED screens are used to on video walls to enhance user experience.

  LED video wall price also varies with the setting of the installation. Compared to indoors, outdoor LED video wall set up may cost more. These outdoor LED billboards are customized to bear wind, heat, dirt and some level of humidity/ rain and hence cost more than the standard indoor LED video wall installations.

  You can seek help from LED experts to get the most of your LED advertising budget and idea. These experts include a team of designers, architects, content writers, animators and editors. Before hiring, you can check their experience and past work to ascertain the quality of their work.

  You can opt for flat per-installation fee if you have few ads to display. But if you plan to advertise year round, you can choose to opt for licenses based fee as it would be more affordable in the long run.

  Overall, LED video walls are a great way to advertise and promote your business. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor advertising at any time of the day, allow for easy installation and content management, higher clarity, and suitable for long-term use. While, their cost may be slightly higher at the time of set up, the advertising benefits of video walls outweigh the cost to a large extent.



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