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LED Signs Supplier Los Angeles,Outdoor LED Signs Los Angeles

  One of the most important things to remember when you look for buying outdoor led signs los angeles is that outdoor LED signs are not one-size-fits-all. There are a wide variety of led signs on the market, but not all of them will meet your needs. If you want a good ROI on your sign, you should consider a variety of factors to help focus your options.

  Here's a short list of issues to consider when buying outdoor LED signs los angeles or indoor led display los angeles.

outdoor LED signs los angeles
  Who will see my LED sign?

  Before anything else, think about your target audience(s). Are they on foot? If they're driving, what's the speed limit on the road? How close will they pass to the sign?

  Getting and idea of these beforehand will guide all your other decisions, especially regarding your LED outdoor visibility needs.

  What's the best way to capture their attention?

  Putting messages on outdoor LED signs is just another form of marketing, so think about how you plan on grabbing your audience. Decide what uses you'll put the sign to. Will it be purely text, or will you also be integrating pictures or video?

outdoor LED signs los angeles

  Full color or Monochrome?

  Once you know what you're going to do with your LED sign, you can answer this question. Since full color LED signs are significantly more expensive, you don't want one unless you'll make good use of it.

  Primarily, whether pictures will be useful for you. If you have products that can be shown off visually, you may want a full

  color led sign. If you are mainly displaying text, then a monochrome display would be the best fit.

outdoor LED signs los angeles

  LED Outdoor Visibility Questions

  There are two major factors that influence LED outdoor visibility.

  Resolution:LED Display Pixel Pitch and Resolution

  Pitch: What is a Good Pixel Pitch for LED Signs

  The best resolution depends on what you're putting on the board, and how close people will be to it. You don't need high-quality resolution if no one will be close to it. Pitch affects long-range LED outdoor visibility. The larger the pitch, the further off it can be seen, but the worse it looks up close.

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