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LED Signs Price:LED Display Screen Price

  I want to know LED dipsly screen price,how much does an LED screen cost? what I shuold know before buying a led display screen?

  first,what kind of LED screen you want, specific and usage, LED screen manufacturers will make detailed quote to you according to your needs.We must know that LED screen is used indoors or outdoors. If it is indoor, choose indoor LED screen. If it is outdoor, choose outdoor LED screen.

  Second,the pixel pitch of the LED screen. The simple method is visual distance. If it is 5M, choose P5 outdoor led screen. If it is 4M,choose P4 led screen.

  How much is a square?LED screen price is closely related to the basic configuration, including LED lamp beads, chips, cabinet material. Generally, the die-cast aluminum LED cabinet is more durable than the  iron cabinet, but its price is also higher.

  At present, the most used outdoor P10 full-color display, the price range of 3000-7000 yuan / square meter, each LED screen manufacturers offer will be different, the quality of performance will be different. even cheaper, there are less than 3,000, but the quality of cheap led screen is not guaranteed, the probability of problems, after-sale difficulties. The purchase of LED screen should not only consider the price, but should be measured by considering the power of the led screenmanufacturer, the environment.

led signs

  influencing  LED screen price factor:

  1. LED screen size: For example, the customer customizes an p6 outdoor LED screen with a length of 10 meters and a width of 6 meters. choosing the P8 or P10 according to the size provided by the customer and give the specific solutions and price.

  2. Raw materials: including different LED lamp beads, lamp plates, and cabinets

  3. Control system: Linsin etc

  4. Supporting equipment: computers, lightning arresters, stereos, power amplifiers, power distribution cabinets, and air conditioners.

  5. Steel structure materials and installation: such as common wall-mounted, column-type installation. The construction price of the two is not the same. Others include the selection of materials for the frame structure.

  LED screen project price = LED screen unit price * area + control system costs + frame structure costs + transportation installation costs + distribution system costs including power line data cable + steel frame and civil engineering costs + taxes and more!

  How much square meters of LED screen, you can cantact LED screen wholesale manufacturers, FINEPIXELLED, is the global LED full color display applications  and solutions suppliers. Provide high-quality, high-performance LED screen wholesale and large-scale full-color display solutions,welcome your consultation!

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